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Good Agricultural Practice in Coffee Field

Good Agricultural Practice in Coffee Field

Do you know why broca trap and shade tree is a Good Agricultural Practice in coffee field? Broca trap will trap Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei.  Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) alias Broca fly into the broca trap because of attractant inside the transparant cage.  Attractant is chemical liquid subtance. The subtance attracts CBB to come near and nearer, and finally CBB will be trapped inside the trap and cannot go out from the cage. For the best effectiveness or the best result, one hectare needs 22-25 traps.  The traps are hung at 1.25 m above above soil surface.

By reducing CBB infection, coffee production per plant and per hectare will increase.  Shade trees will create micro climate that is favour not only for coffee plant but also for life of birds.  
Good Agriculture Practice in Coffee Field by using shade tree and  broca trap 
in Mr. Lamhot Padang's coffee field in Pakpak Bharat Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia (Photo taken by Sabam Malau).  Mr. Lamhot Padang is member of NSCF.

The question is why trees must be used as shading. The answer has to be traced on its ancient origin. Ancent of coffee plant was living in jungle.  So, genetically seen : coffee plants are genotypes that its phenotypes will appear good under tree micro climate condition. Seen from plant physiology, coffee belongs to C3 plant. Hence, coffee must be shaded by trees. 

However, it must be always remembered that the number of shade trees per unit area must be controlled so that enough sunlight can reach leaves for photosintesis.  The shade trees must have neither dense branches nor dense leaves. It's also important to chose the right species of shade trees.  The shade trees must not host plant of coffee pests and deseases. Birds are one of the most important predators of CBB.   Birds eat CBB beetle. 

Using broca trap and shade trees is one of the Ecoscofas principles which the value and goal of NSCF-North Sumatera Coffee Forum.  NSCF has been implementing and promoting the Ecoscofas. NSCF appreciates the Funders and Donators of NSCF. 

Unfortunately, using broca trap alone doesn't help much to  combate CBB. Complete explaination of how to eradicate CBB, please click "N57 Method to Eradicate CBB".

Kind regards,

 Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman