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Coffee World Changed by Leadership

Coffee World Changed by Leadership

Do you ever think that you are capable of creating a better coffee world? If you said "NO, and NO", then you must say now "YES and YES". 

Did you ever imagine that you were a real leader in coffee world and could change the coffee world? If you said "NO, NO and NO", then now you must say "YES, YES and YES". But, how? The following are the answer.

Although you now don't have followers yet, but you can be a real leader. No one doubt about it simply because your way can be followed by others.  In this case, you are a leader.

Photo: Dr. Sabam Malau with Chairman and Member of Pro-Agribusiness Alliance of Pakpak Bharat Regency. On this discussion, we finalized the program action to establish rabbit husbandry that produces organic fertilizers used for important type of plants such as coffee plant. The husbandry has been operating since July 2011. 

Coffee world must be changed and can be changed for the sake of sustainable production and sustainable earth. Coffee world needs  strong leaders like you at all levels including formal, non formal and informal leaders. The world history has proved that leaders played big role to trigger changes.

What you need is to do something good for coffee world. It doesn't matter whether your efforts is small or medium or big. Small one is better than nothing. So, what are you waiting for? Let's move our step for a better coffee world.

What is a better coffee world? It is Ecoscofas. Ecoscofas contribute not only to CSE - Creating Sustainable Earth but also to overcome the unfairness in coffee value chain. The impact is to ensure the future of coffee so that coffee will be always available for you, me and us. Only the best coffee comes out from Ecoscofas. The best coffee bean can be produced merely by the best production and processing techniques in the best environment by the best coffee growers as well as by the best roasters, the best traders, and the best exporters.

You deserve to receive the best coffee, don't you? 
Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman