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Coffee cake

Coffee Cake

My beloved wife always make coffee cake on my birthday September 16th.  It has been happening since marriage year in 1991.  One day, I asked her why she made the coffee cake for me on my birthday, and how she came to conclusion that I like coffee cake.  I asked it because I have never told her that I like coffee cake.  Then, she answered  “Honey, it’s because you like to drink coffee, and you like to eat cake.  I thought it must be  a good idea if I make coffee cake for your birthday celeberation because my best present must be something that you like it very much”.

My wife define “coffee cake is cake with strong taste and aroma of coffee”.   My wife makes 3 different types of caffee cake:  

  1. Black Coffee Cake Rice (BCCR): Basic  coffee cake recipe  900 g pulverize rice + 100 gram coffee powder, 
  2. Black Coffee Cake Wheat (BCCW): Basic coffee cake recipe  1,200 g wheat flour + 100 gram coffee powder, and 
  3. Cake Layered Coffee (CLC):  cake contains two layers: first layer (1.2 cm) is cake made of wheat flour or pulverize rice.  The second layer (0.3 cm) is coffee powder which is mixed with wheat flour.  
On my next birthday 16 September 2011, I surely will take pictures of those coffee cakes.  

Kind regards,

Dr.  Sabam Malau