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The Future of Coffee

The Future of Coffee

"The coffee has good future in economic and ecological term", said Dr. Sabam Malau in front of Research Council of North Sumatra. In economic value, around 400 millions of world citizens drink coffee and caffeinated beverages and foods.
(Photo : NSCF Chairman Dr. Sabam Malau (white shirt) presented work paper titled “The Future of Coffee”.  The paper presentation took place in Meeting Hall of Research Institution of North Sumatra Government.  The attendees  were members of Research Council of North Sumatra as well as government officers)

Coffee are directly responsible for economy life of around 20 million families (60 million people) in the world. Alone in North Sumatra Province, coffee are responsible for lifes of around 800,000 citizens (appoximately 160,000 households). In ecological value, coffee farming can contribute to creating sustainable earth.

Those among others were said by Dr. Sabam Malau as Chairman of NSCF–North Sumatra Coffee Forum, through a paper titled “The Future of Coffee” which was presented in a workshop attended by members of North Sumatra Research Council as well as several government officers.  The paper presentation took place in Meeting Hall of Research Institution of North Sumatra Government.  The Research Council consists of 28 members, some of them are Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau, Prof. Dr. Ir. Zulkifli Nasution, Drs. Rahmatsyah MM, Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Rahim Matondang, Prof. Dr. Ritha F. Dalimunthe, Prof. Dr. Ing. Johannes Tarigan, Prof. Dr. Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Prof. Dr. Irianto, Dr. Ir. Hermain Nasution MSi, Prof. Dr. Djanius Djamin, Prof. Dr. Suharta, Prof. Dr. Julaga Situmorang, Azizul Khair MSi, Prof. Dr. Hasan Bakti, Prof. Dr. Amiur Nuruddin,  Prof. Dr. Ir. Ilmi Abdullah, Gustam Lubis MT, Dr. Ir. Muhammad Assad, Prof. Dr. Zulkarnain Lubis, Armansyah MM, Prof. Dr. Syahrin Harahap, Drs. Syaiful Anwar Tanjung MM,  Hervian Tahier, Ir. Tohar Suhartono, Drs. Alwin MSc, Ir. Riadil Akhir Lubis MSc,  and Ardjoni Munir.

Through current increasing coffee bean price, the coffee growers can receive more income.  Through increasing income,  the coffee growers can then increase coffee productivity by using standard operating procedure (SOP) or Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) that need investment.  Increasing coffee bean price will not be a big problem for buyers or consumers as long as it is used for good purposes such as to increase coffee growers livehoods as well as ecological and biological conservation (ecobiodiversity conservation).

Eventhough the coffee bean price is increasing, however the current coffee price at coffee growers level is still too low that coffee growers cannot have good livehoods.  The coffee growers receive only around 5% of coffee value.  In some areas, this situation has forced the coffee growers to replant their coffee field with other commodities such as rubber and citrus trees.  Also, the coffee growers face now a very big problem i.e pest Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei infection. This beetle reduces production up to 92%. Nowadays, coffee demand is increasing while coffee supply is decreasing in some countries.

So, the future of coffee production depends on fair price at coffee growers level.  In other words, the future of coffee production depends merely on coffee growers' income from their coffee farming.  Hence, for the sake of sustainable coffee production,  the coffee price at coffee growers level must be high by implementing new ideas such as coffee auction at coffee growers level.  Such  high income will make good livehoods  of coffee growers, and hence  the coffee growers will  have money for implementing good SOP or GAP.  Coffee world must be changed into ecofriendly and sustainable coffee farming and trading system (Ecoscofas). The government needs to make strategic policies such as providing new good seed, shade tree, organic fertilizer, and transfer of technology. The government can build also mutual cooperation with stakeholders.  One of it is MoU between Pakpak Bharat Regency and NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum. The MoU deals with but not limited to make better coffee agronomy, trade and roasters. The buyer (exporters, importers) coffee bean for export and local consumption must also do positive actions to increase price of coffee at growers level so that coffee growers' income also increases.  The buyer (exporters, importers) must also support every actions/activities and organizatios which goals are to increase quantity and quality of production.         
Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF  Chairman

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Terima kasih bahwa Anda berkenan membagikan (share) laman (website) ini.
Salam Pro Deo et Patria,

Dr. Agr. Sc. Ir. Sabam Malau
Juni 2018

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