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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Mountain has very good micro climate which is suitable for coffee growth. Pakpak Bharat Coffee is one of the best coffee in the world. The roasted bean has excellent smell/aroma, flavor, taste and ingredient. The local roasters say that roasting is a science and art.  It means, the roasters have science and art in order to be able to roast bean good.  

In the regency, the roasters roast coffee bean for certain purposes namely for the family consumption and or for sale. In the Regency,  there are several people work as roasters or entrepreneurs. They are energetic and open-minded people. Due to the signed MoU with the Pakpak Bharat goverment, NSCF will cooperate with the Government to develop coffee entrepreneurship. One of the impacts is to increase competitiveness. 

The entrepreneurs  can be a person or a small enterprise.  The enterprises hire roasters that are very skillful and experienced.  As roaster, she/he is paid good. She/he can be full time or part time worker. The roasters are happy with their profession.  Because the number are small, there is no association for roasters. 

Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman