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NSCF–North Sumatra Coffee Forum and 4C Association (Germany) will continue discussing as soon as possible to explore possibilities of cooperation based on Market-Demand-Driven concept in order to increase quality and quantity of coffee bean production in North Sumatra Province. 
Photo : Ms. Melanie Landthaler (left) and Mr. Sabam Malau (right) discussed in Tip Top restaurant in Medan recently. Photo was taken right after finishing the discussion.

That is the conclusion resulted from the fruitful discussion between Sabam Malau and Melanie Landthaler in Medan (Indonesia) recently. Sabam Malau (alumnus of Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany) is Chairman of NSCF which central office locates in Medan while Melanie Landthaler (alumna of Bonn University, Germany) is Indonesia Coordinator of 4C Association which headquarter locates in Bonn (Germany).

We also concluded that coffee of Lampung and North Sumatra Province have very good prospects in export market such as European Countries and the USA because people of those countries like coffee from both provinces very much.  In Indonesia, Lampung is one of the biggest producers of robusta coffee while North Sumatra is the biggest producer of arabica coffee and at the same time North Sumatra is also a big producer of robusta coffee. To make sustainable exports, the quality of coffee of both provinces must be maintained high due to specific market-needs and in general must be suited for market-demand-driven as well. Hence, coffee growers (farmers) need to be trained regularly in Good Agricultural Practice aspects such as cultivation technology, plant protection, harvest and post-harvest technique, roasting, trading, marketing, and networking. Through such trainings, coffee growers can increase quality and quantity of production as well as their income. The cooperation between coffee growers and buyers such as local traders and exporter enterprises need to be established through which both sides get mutual advantages. Also third party organizations dealing with coffee can conduct trainings on coffee growers such as NSCF has been doing in North Sumatra as well as 4C Association has been doing in Lampung.

We serve for a better coffee world
We strive for Ecoscofas coffee.

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Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman