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Coffee of the World is now on the Way to Death !!!!

Coffee of the World is now on the Way to Death !!!!

That's my statement as a compliment to news on The Specialty Coffee Chronicle 2011 Issue No. 3 which is a publication of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).
Photo: Coffee fruit looks good (left), unfortunately no beans are inside (right) because CBB have eaten the beans  (source Sabam Malau 2010)

On the magazine there is stated that coffee is in the throes of the crisis now because of the coffee berry borer (CBB) that accounts for US$500 million in loses yearly, and it's on cource to get even worse.

I agree with the latter statement. Don't you think that CBB can cause no more coffee available in the short future? At least, CBB will reduce coffee production very significantly up to 92%. If coffee growers can only harvest a small quantity of bean through which they cannot earn enough money for their family, then coffee growers will not grow coffee anymore. That it is deadly horrible, you can read a survey report conducted by NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum in the page  Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei. It revealed how terrible the situation now is.  How CBB destroy bean of coffee, you can read on the page Photo of how Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei Destruct Coffee Bean.

In all coffee exporting countries (see page World Coffee Bean Exports 2011), CBB is already causing a big problem. Even in the 19 countries which increased their coffee exports, CBB is already infecting the coffee fruits. Let alone in the 25 countries which decreased their coffee exports, CBB has become a significant problem. Hence, Coffee of the world is now on the way to death !!!

What can we do? Answer: Actions, and actions, and nothing else than actions !! All coffee stakeholders need to unite in concept and actions to combat and eradicate the CBB. Otherwise, all will be losers. 

Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman