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Coffee Market Indicators

Coffee Market Indicator

In the market, a belief lives that the indicator covers all factors that can influence the price. The prices reflect the real condition namely Supply-Demand Law (Click here Higher Coffee Price by Insane Idea?). Hence, I still expect the indicators go up, it means the coffee bean price goes up significantly in the next days, weeks and months to come.
Will coffee price decrease? No, no at all. No signs yet available. The indicators went up in USA and Europe market. Let’s see the following data from 1 August 2011 to 25 August 2011 (ICO, August 2011). 
  • The ICO composite indicator went up from 220.6 to 224.81 (+2.2%,) with high 224.81 and low 195.85 and average 208.34
  • Colombian Mild Group Indicator 273.50 to 303.30 (+10.9%) with high 303.30, low 267.18 and average 281.88
  • Other Milds Group Indicator from 255.70 to 286.94 (+12.2%) with high 286.94, low 250.25 and average 265.06
  • Brazilian Naturals Group Indicator 234.06 to 266.36 (+13.8%) with high 266.36, low 277.23 and average 244.51
  • Robustas Group Indicator from 105.51 to 117.21 (+11,1%) with high 118.29, low 102.81 and average 111.02
There were highly significant coefficient of correlations (r) and coefficient of determinations (r2) between the dates and the indicators :
  • ICO composite indicator r = 0.910**, r2 = 82.84%
  • Colombian Mild Group Indicator r = 0.886**, r2 = 78,43%
  • Other Milds Group Indicator r = 0.886**, r2 = 78.43%
  • Brazilian Naturals Group Indicator r = 0.896**, r2 = 80.35%
  • Robustas Group Indicator r = 0.911**, r2 = 82.94%

In the market, a belief lives that the indicator covers all factors that can influence the price. The prices reflect the real condition namely Supply-Demand Law (Click here Higher Coffee Price by Insane Idea?). Hence, I still expect the indicators go up, it means the coffee bean price goes up significantly in the next days, weeks and months to come.  
 Sadly, the current price of coffee bean at growers level still very low so that the coffee growers have no enough money for their family. The coffee growers receive only 5% of coffee value (click here Unfairness in Coffee Value Chain).

We and you have to do something to help coffee growers. We and you have to try to overcome the big problem. Otherwise, the coffee can disappear from the world (click here Coffee of the World is on the Way to Death).

Save the world’s coffee !!!
Come along !!!
Join us !!!

Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman

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