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North Sumatran Coffee Trip 2012 sponsored by NSCF

North Sumatran Coffee Trip 2012 sponsored by NSCF
Hotels and Lunch will be free of charges in the "North Sumatran Coffee Trip 2012" which will be sponsored and organized by NSCF.

Photo 1: Dr. Sabam Malau standing on coffee field on the edge of Toba Lake, the world's largest lake. Photo was taken amids Coffee Survey by Chairman of NSCF Dr. Sabam Malau on June-July 2011. Photo took place in Hutaginjang Village of Sianjur Mula-mula Subregency of Samosir Regency of North Sumatera Province of Indonesia (Source Sabam Malau 2011). 
Photo 2: Dr. Sabam Malau discussing with coffee growers in Sidikalang, Dairi Regency of North Sumatra of Indonesia (Source Sabam Malau 2010). 

Do you know the place where Ecoscofas Coffee is practicing?
Do you have eager desire to see coffee growers taking care of coffee?
Let us visit one of the world's center of the best coffee: North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. 
It's a palace of paradise. 
There you can taste the unique, delicious and fragrant coffee. 
There you can talk to coffee growers. 
  • NSCF invites you to the "North Sumatran Coffee Trip 2012". 
  • NSCF will provide Hotel Rooms and Lunch for free of charge.
  • The attendees pay only for his/her local transportation cost.
  • Time : 5-9 April 2012 (a 5 days trip).
  • 5 April (before 11.00am), we will pick you all together up from Polonia International Airport, Medan. 
  • 5-7 April, we will bring you to visit several coffee fields at several regencies at the edge of Toba Lake. 
  • 7-9 April (2 nights, 2 persons/room), you will take rest at Samosir Island of Toba Lake. 
  • 7 April (19.00pm), Welcome Meeting with Regent of Samosir Regency.
  • 8 April, your full free time.
  • 9 April (departure 09.00am), we bring you back to Polonia International Airport, Medan.
  • Only for international attendees.
  • Register Closing Date: 25 September 2011.
  • Register now to NSCF Chairman through email since it is purposed for a limited number of attendees only. If the number of registered candidates on 25 September 2011 is more than the planned number of attendees, then I will do a selection. Come along.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: NSCF is also available to arrange "North Sumatran Coffee Trip" at any dates/days you demand, however you are responsible for all trip costs. For such case, don't hesitate to contact me via email and mention the dates/days you prefer to.

Medan, 25 August 2011

Warm regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman
Updated on 17 January 2012:

A. The selected attendees of this trip are:

1. Roberto Forsyth : Director of Forsyth Coffee & Tea, Sydney, Australia.
2. Scott Lindsay : Storeman at Keech Casting, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Master Roaster.
3. Fan Coffee: Academia Barista Pro, Miami, Florida, USA.
4. Barista Pro: Academia Barista Pro, Santa Tecla, El Salvador.
5. Jan Schuitemaker: CoffeeXpert Tastes of the World, Niederland.

Dear Roberto, Scott, Fan, Barista and Jan, please email your CV to me. If you cancel your attend in this trip, please let me know as soon as possible prior to 15 February 2012.

B. I do appologize to those who are not selected to be attendees. It is because of my limited fund.  All aof you are written on the waiting list. If one or two of those 4 selected attendees would cancel their attending, then I will consider your names.

C. NSCF will also organize another trip in 7-13 May 2012. Please read page "Coffee Origin Trip to Indonesia 20012"

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