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Samosir Coffee Development

Samosir Coffee Development

“Coffee has significant contribution for economic development of Samosir Regency” said Samosir Regency Secretary H. Simarmata on behalf of the Regent.  He continued, Samosir regency has 4,100 ha coffee land and 2,400 ton coffee production, and is very suitable for coffee farming. Amids the progress, Samosir still has serious  problem because of Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) attack that already decreased coffee bean production.  He thanked NSCF for the collaboration. He thanke USAID for the facilitation of the event. He hoped farther collaboration.

Photo 1: Samosir Regency Secretary Ir. H. Simarmata speaking at the lectern. (Sitting, from right to left: Dr. Sabam Malau, Sanath K. Reddy PhD, Herbin Tampubolon, Ms. Sitanggang)

To elaborate H Simarmata’s speech, Regencial Assistant II Mr. Herbin Tampubolon described the coffee situation in Samosir as followings. Samosir in a regency in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Samosir locates in 02o21’38’’ North Latitude -02o49’48’’ East Longitude; occupies 2,069 km2 consisting of 1,444 km2 land and 625 km2 lake; height 904-2,157 m above sea level; temperature 17-29 oC; humidity 85,04%; average Rainfall 144.83 mm; potential land for agriculture 109,938 ha; Coffee planted area 4,114 ha (mostly arabica coffee); young plants 1,342 ha, productive plants 2,327 ha, nonproductive plants 424 ha, production 2,468 ton. The most problems on coffee farm is the severe attack of CBB on coffee fruits. Other coffee problems : many old plants, minimum infrastructure, less developed groups of coffee growers, no market facility, low price because of unfair merchant middlemen, insufficient coffee processing facilities, and insufficient coffee drying facilities. Coffee has to be developed because it will have good impacts on many aspects such as : to reduce unplanted land, to increase welfare of households, to Increase job availability, and to make better environment.
Photo 2. Herbin Tampubolon (left) presenting the coffee condition of Samosir Regency. Arman Ginting (center) and Bharaty (right)

They spoke in front of hundreds of attendees of workshop titled “Dissemination and Dialogue on the Impact of CBB on Coffee Farm in Samosir Regency” on 22 September 2011 in Hotel Tiga Besar, Pangururan City, the capital city of Samosir Regency. The workshop was held by collaboration of NSCF and Samosir Regency Governent. The workshop was facilitated by USAID (United States Agency for International Development). The attendees were: from USAID: Sanath K. Reddy, PhD (Senior Economic Growth at USAID Jakarta), Bharaty (RACA Coordinator), Arman Ginting, Nina, Vera Brahmana, Jasman Purba; from NSCF : Dr. Sabam Malau (Chairman) and TF Simbolon (Member); from Samosir Government : Pasaribu, Jabendeus Banjarnahor, tens of field extension officers; hundreds of coffee growers.
 Photo 3. Some attendees of the workshop
 Photo 4: . Some attendees of the workshop

Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman