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Success Story of USAID AMARTA Project in North Sumatra

Success Story of USAID AMARTA Project in North Sumatra

“We'll try to include Samosir Regency in the USAID AMARTA II Projectsaid Mr. Sanath K. Reddy, PhD in a workshop. He is Senior Economic Growth Advisor at USAID (United States Agency for International Development). 

The workshop was held by success collaboration of NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum and Samosir Regency Government. The workshop was facilitated by USAID (United States Agency for International Development).

Photo 1: Sanath K. Reddy, PhD explaing the AMARTA II Project (right). Bharaty (center), Arman Ginting (left)

He said in his opening speech that he didn’t promise it, but will try it as long as Samosir Regency can fullfil all criterion needed. He explained that there is strong need to continue AMARTA I Project to AMARTA II Project because AMARTA I was very successful. He revealed that the AMARTA II Project  will probably start in January 2012.
Photo 2: Sanath K. Reddy, PhD speaking at lectern (left)

He also thanked for the collaboration between Samosir Government and North Sumatera Coffee Forum for doing the workshop.  He welcome all attendees and coffee growers. He addressed some words to coffee growers: “The decision is always on your hand. We can only help”.
Photo 3: Bharaty explaining success in North Sumatra

Bharaty, RACA Coordinator in North Sumatra, explained the success story of AMARTA I in North Sumatra, such as empowering the access of society to finance in Pakpak Bharat, and market in Deli Serdang. Arman Ginting revealed the success coffee program in Pakpak Bharat and Simalungun.
Photo 4. Arman Ginting explaining success of AMARTA I in North Sumatra

They all spoke in workshop titled “Dissemination and Dialogue on the Impact of CBB on Coffee Farm in Samosir Regency” on 22 September 2011 in Hotel Tiga Besar, Pangururan City, the capital city of Samosir Regency. 

Hundreds of people were attending the workshop such as from USAID: Sanath K. Reddy, PhD (Senior Economic Growth at USAID Jakarta), Bharaty (RACA Coordinator), Arman Ginting, Nina, Vera Brahmana, Jasman Purba; from NSCF : Dr. Sabam Malau (Chairman) and TF Simbolon (Member); from Samosir Government : Pasaribu, Jabendeus Banjarnahor, tens of field extension officers; hundreds of coffee growers. 
Photo 5. Some of attendees of the workshop.Vera Brahmana taking picture.
Photo 6: Nina helping in presenting the success story of AMARTA I

Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman

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