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Q Grader of Coffee Bean

Q Grader of  Coffee Bean

Certificate of Completion of the 3rd Indonesian Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee 7-12 November 2011 at Kopi Bali House, Sanur, Bali was awarded to me and my friends by Rocky Rhodes, and he said “Congratulation” to us. The Certificate was signed by Ted Lingle (Executive Director of Coffee Quality Insttute, CQI, USA) and Rocky Rhodes (Principal Instructor of International Coffee Consulting, ICC, USA).
Photo 1. Rocky Rhodes gave Certificate of Completion of Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee to Dr. Sabam Malau (right) 

What is Q-Grader Course? The following is written on the Certificate of Completion of the Q-Grader Course: “In recognition of completing the curriculum of cupping training designed to teach the basic sensory skills and expertise required in the evaluation of coffee through standardized methods of cupping and grading established by the Technical Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, this certificate has been duly earned by SABAM MALAU”. 
The cource contents were : 
(01) General Knowledge
(02) Sensory A
(03) Sensory B 
(04) Sensory C 
(05) Olfactory A
(06) Olfactory B
(07) Olfactory C 
(08) Olfactory D 
(09) Triangulation 1 
(10) Triangulation 2
(11) Triangulation 3 
(12) Triangulation 4 
(13) Triangulation 5 
(14) Matching Pairs
(15) Roasted Sample 
(16) Green Grading 
(17) Roasted Grading 
(18) Cupping 1-Brazilian Coffee
(19) Cupping 2-Indonesian Coffee
(20) Cupping 3-East African Coffee
(21) Cupping 4-Central American Coffee
(22) Cupping 5-Colombian Coffee  
 Photo 2.  Dr. Sabam Malau before Cupping Examination

This course was conducted by International Coffee Consulting (ICC, USA) and Coffee Quality Institute (CQI, USA), and organized by SCAI. Sunghyun Bok -Director of Coffee Plant Academy, South Korea- was the co-worker of Rocky Rhodes.

I my self had paid all cost around IDR 16,000,000 (course cost IDR 8,700,000; accommodation plus round tickets IDR 7,300,000) from my own money. This course was very, very and very expensive. Why did I attend that such a very expensive course? My motivation in attending the training was to increase capacity, competency, networks, and credibility of NSCF in implementing its vision, missions, programs, and activities.
 Photo 3.  Dr. Sabam Malau preparing to Olfactory examination

The following names are people who were attending Q-Graders Course of Indonesia 2011: 
  1. A.A. Bagus Dilayana
  2. Andreas A. Hardjito
  3. Andrew Tang (Attendee from Singapore)
  4. A Yusril Iskandar (Toarco Jaya),
  5. Boentoro Oetomo (Bintang Tunggal Sejati)
  6. Eman Wisnu Putra (Green Bean Trader)
  7. Ephram Angga Adipura
  8. Francis Widyanata Sumarlin
  9. George Honosutomo (Flores Gourmet Coffee)
  10. Hendri Kurniawan (Espresso 1st)
  11. Ibnu Syena Alfitra
  12. Irvan Helmi (Anomali Coffee)
  13. Joanna Halim (JJ Royal Coffee)
  14. Martin Ponti (Cafe Lombi)
  15. Malik Hasan (National Cooperative Business Association)
  16. Mahdi (Indo Caf Co)
  17. Mirza Luqman Effendy (Starbucks)
  18. Muliadi
  19. Olan Sebastian (Caturnawa Sumberartha).
  20. Sabam Malau (NSCF)
  21. Suwardi
  22. Vivi Sofia (Kopi Bali)
  23. Yusuf Lotong
  24. Win Ayuwara (Koperasi Ayuara)
Photo 4: Congrats. Photos of Some who were attending Q-Grader Course of Indonesia 2011

Photo 5. Adi W. Taroepratjeka (left, co-instructor, Licenced Q-Grader, from Secangkir Kopi) as a candidate of instructor introduced by Rocky Rhodes
 Photo 6. Resi (organizer from SCAI, Q-Grader) and Sunghyun Bok (co-instructor from Coffee Plant with Academy, South Korea)

At the event, I met also some important people in coffee world of Indonesia such as Wirawan Tjahjadi (Owner of Kopi Bali House), A. Syafrudin (Certified Q-Grader, Licenced Star Cupper, PT Sabani International) and Toni Wahid (Cikopi).
 Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
- Licensed Q Grader
- NSCF Chairman

Thanks.  Kind regards.

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau

Updated on 11 January 2012: 
Dr. Sabam Malau has become a Licensed Q Grader since 11 January 2012 after having passed succesfully the retake examination in Jakarta on 11 January 2012. 

Total cost of retake examination was IDR 6,000,000.  I do appreciate USAID because USAID paid the fee of retake examination IDR 2,250,000, while I myself -from my own money- paid the round tickets, transportation and accomodation cost in amount of IDR 3,750,000. 

It means, the total cost of Q Grader course was IDR 22,000,000 whereby I my self -from my own money- had paid IDR 19,750,000. 

According to Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), at the backbone of the Q Grading System are Licenced Q Graders, professional cuppers accredited by the CQI. Those who pass the Q Grader Certification Course are authorized to use Q logo and the nomenclature "Licenced Q Grader" as a professional accreditation. Further see at http://coffeeinstitute.org/the-q-coffee-system/become-a-q-grader).

Updated on 9 February 2012: 
I have received the "Licensed  Q Grader Certificate" (downloaded from CQI's website) signed by Ric Rhinehart (Executive Director of Specialty Coffee Association of America) and Ted Lingle (Executive Director of Coffee Quality Institute), dated 11 November 2011.

Updated on 25 February 2012: 

I have received also the "Licensed  Q Grader Certificate" (sended by SCAI to me) signed by Colman Cuff (Board of Trustees Chairperson of Coffee Quality Institute) and Ted Lingle (Executive Director of Coffee Quality Institute), dated 19 November 2011.