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Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee

I believe in business approach rather than charity approach”, said Thomas Sproten to Sabam Malau in a very friendly atmosphere of conversation.
Photo: Thomas Sproten discussed with Sabam Malau at TIP TOP Restaurant Medan. A coffee toast.

Thomas Sproten, a German, is consultant for JaPPSa which is a network of nine NGOs working in North Sumatra of Indonesia to support the marketing of various agricultural commodities that are preferably grown in an organic or environment-friendly way. Coffee is one of the products that JaPPSa intends to offer to interested buyers. Sabam Malau is Chairman of NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum of Indonesia.

The followings are core of Thomas Sproten’s explaination about background and his duty as consultant of JaPSSa. He loves coffee especially North Sumatran Coffee as one of the world’s best coffee. By using his experience and knowledge, he wants to help JaPPSa in organic market. He knows what organic commodities are, and what the criterion are. He will not and cannot compromise the criterion of organic product of agriculture. The world already has a fixed definition of organic product. In his opinion, organic must be seen in term of health, environmentand farmer. He does believe in quality rather than quantity. He likes the job because a part of his job is market education. Surely, he goes also into obstacles issues such as plant agronomy and plant deseases. He truely wonders why organic products of agriculture such as organic coffee are not sufficiently accepted here in Medan (the third biggest town of Indonesia, in term of population number) while organic products of agriculture are well accepted in the USA and western countries. Market of organic product is very small in Medan, while the market of organic products in abroad are big. As JaPPSa’s consultant, his success indicator is : JaPPSa must then be able to sell and compete. The commodity among others is coffee. He wants to collect samples of coffee and send it to abroad for testing and promoting. EED Germany support him financially as JaPPSa’s consultant for 3 years. Prior to this job, he worked as community developer for 13 years in Kenya, Africa and the Philippine. He believes in business approach, he doesn't believe in charity approach. Thomas Sproten was alumnus of Institut fuer Rurale Entwicklung of Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany.  His specialization is economy.

In the discussion, Sabam Malau explained his opinion about organic agricultural product, especially concept of Ecoscofas Coffee. Sabam Malau also revealed NSCF’s vision, missions, programs and activities, as well as the progresses that NSCF achieved and obstacles that NSCF has. Sabam Malau also offers some help in technique/technology to increase flavor of coffee of JaPPSa's members if Thomas Sproten and JaPPSa need it. As a cupper of arabica coffee, Sabam Malau also offers help in cupping

The discussion took place at Tip Top Restaurant in Medan on Sunday 27 November 2011.

Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman


Coffee regards, C Sign.
Thanks.  Kind regards.

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau