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AMARTA II Coffee Stakeholders Meeting

AMARTA II Coffee Stakeholders Meeting
(Pertemuan Pemangku Kepentingan Kopi AMARTA II)

The world's need on coffee increases significantly. For it, the production and quality of coffee must be increased significantly by creating a better coffee value chain starting from producers to drinkers as the end-users. There were some success that had been achieved in Indonesia especially in North Sumatra Province, but there are still much more to do in the future for the sake of sustainability of supply and quality. The action programs will be formulated in the next step by ACDIVOCA, the winner of tender of AMARTA II Project. Farther meetings are needed to hear what activities will be offered by ACDIVOCA. We all are keen to know. Let's wait the invitation letters from ACDIVOCA

Those mentioned above were some general conclusions that I could draw from the  AMARTA II Coffee Stakeholders Meeting held by USAID-AMARTA II Project in Grand Aston Hotel Medan on Monday 13 February 2012.

The agenda were:
1. Opening Remarks by Sudjatmiko
2. AMARTA II project overview snd coffee activities by Luis Cuellar
3. ICCRI perpectives on Arabica coffee in Indonesia by Dr Surip Mawardi
4. IFC perpectives on Arabica coffee in Indonesia by Rahmad Syakib
5. Presentation on various coffee project activities:
  • Indo CafCo (Ecom) by Nick Watson
  • Olam Indonesia by Dinker Bhardwaj       
  • Sari Makmur (Opal Coffee) by Mukfin
  • Fair Trade USA by Laura Ann Sweitzer
  • AEKI (AICE) by Saidul Alam
  • SCAI by Ina Muwarni
  • North Sumatra Coffee Forum (NSCF) by Dr Sabam Malau
6. Group iscussion on areas for collaboration :
  • Group 1 : Proceducers Organization, Technical Capacity Building, Finalcial Access Issues.
  • Group 2 : quality, Infrastruture, Marketing/Promotion.
  • Group 3 : Research, IPM (coffee berry borer), Productivity.
The participants were:
  1. Agam Sulaiman (Menacom, President Director)
  2. Alfi Syahrin (ACDIVOCA)
  3. Amit Verma (Olam Indonesia, Director)
  4. Anna Juliastuti (USAID, CTO)
  5. Anton Goonetilleke (Armajaro, Branch Manager)
  6. Antonius Danang (Sumatra Specialty Coffee)
  7. Asnawi Saleh (INDOKOM)
  8. Bern Dwiyanto (Rabobank, Foundation Manager)
  9. Bharaty (USAID, Medan Team)
  10. Budi Purnomo (Soegee Gayo Coffee, Director of Finance)
  11. Catur Dian Mirzada (PT Maroke Tetap Jaya)
  12. Cynthia Steen (ACDIVOCA, Senior Agribusiness Advisor)
  13. Daniel White (ACDIVOCA)
  14. Denny Indra (USAID, Medan Team)
  15. Deny (Doornhouwer)
  16. Dinker Bhardwaj (Olam Indonesia, Branch Manager)
  17. Edi Susmadi (Soegee Gayo Coffee, President Director)
  18. Edwin Saragih (ACDIVOCA, Coffee Value Chain Specialist)
  19. Eko P (Olam)
  20. Felix Schram (Teruna Galang Citra Perkasa, Director)
  21. Fischer (IFC)
  22. Fitra Kurna (Trade and Industry Agency of North Sumatra, Chief Department of Export Agriculture)
  23. Hasnil (Metrologi)
  24. Herizal A. Pohan (Trade and Industry Agency of North Sumatra)
  25. Ida Y.A
  26. Ina Muwarni (SCAI. Executive Director)
  27. Jay Cody (USAID)
  28. Jordan Weinstock (ACDIVOCA)
  29. Jose Henao (Olam Indonesia, Head of Quality)
  30. Kamto (Armajaro Lampung, DBS Manager)
  31. Laura Ann Sweitzer (Fair Trade USA, Manager Producer Program)
  32. Lee Babcock (Tech Mgr Director)                                     
  33. Lias Handayani (Department of Estate Crop North Sumatra)
  34. Lina (Doornhouwer)
  35. Luis Cuellar (ACDIVOCA, Senior Technical Advisor)           
  36. Melanie Landthaler (Ecom, Sustainability Manager)
  37. Michael Lutz (Volkopi Indonesia, General Manager)
  38. Michael Nehrbass (USAID, EG Director)
  39. Mukfin (Sari Makmur, Marketing)
  40. Mulis Salim (BTPN)
  41. Nick Watson (Ecom, Arabica Manager)
  42. Nina Sufanah (USAID, Medan Team)
  43. Oscar Prima (Soegee Gayo Coffee, Trader)
  44. Peter Slack (ACDIVOCA)
  45. Rahmad Syakib (IFC, Program Manager Agribusiness)
  46. Raul Arcenas (ACDIVOCA, Financial and Management Budget Specialist)
  47. Remigo Yolanda Berutu (Pakpak Bharat District, Regent)
  48. Retno Dwijayanti (Rabobank, Assistant Project Manager)
  49. Rudy Prasetya (IFC)
  50. Sabam Malau (NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum, Chairman)
  51. Saidul Alam (AEKI, CV Sinar Abadi)
  52. Samsul Bahri (Department of Estate Crop North Sumatra)
  53. Sudjatmiko (Trade and Industry Agency of North Sumatra, Head of Foreign Trade Relation Affair)
  54. Surip Mawardi (ICCRI)
  55. Sustra Ginting (Pakpak Bharat District, Staff)
  56. Suyanto Husein (AEKI, Chairman)
  57. Taufik Ismail (Coffindo)
  58. TF Simbolon (North Sumatra Chamber of Commerce, Committee Remain Empowerment of District/City)
  59. TJ Ryan (ACDIVOCA, Managing Director)
  60. Vera Brahmana (USAID, Medan Team)
  61. Yuli Wulandari (Coffindo, Head Marketing)
  62. Zaenuddin (IFC)

Thanks.  Kind regards.

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau

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