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Coffee Origin Trip

Coffee Origin Trip

Coffee Origin Trip January 2012 was held succesfully on 22-25 January 2012.  The trip was started from Medan to Dairi,  Simalungun, Tobasa, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, and finally Samosir Regencies.  This was the first coffee trip conducted by NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum. Sabam Malau, the chairman of NSCF, guided the trip. 

The theme of the trip was "From Plant to Cup" : the trip attendees were exposed comletely to plant, fruit, bean, roasted bean, patios, huller, roasting, roaster, farmers, land, cupping and drinking. We brought also them to cultural and ecological experiences. They experienced extraordinary feelings about coffee world. Ms Afi Nafisah, a very smart and enthusiastic lady, reveals her experience from this trip, please click "Afi Nafisah's Impression of NSCF Coffee Origin Trip".

The following are photos which can reveal the whole story of the coffee trip.
Photo 1. Coffee Tasting at Saor Aritonang's store "Toko IDA" in Sidikalang, Dairi. 
Photo 2. In the coffee filed in of Monocrop system.
Photo 3. In the coffee filed of Polycrop (intercropping) system.
Photo 4. On the patios and huller in Sumbul, Dairi.

Photo 5. On coffee parchment market in Pangururan, Samosir.
Photo 6. On the roasting facility in Sidikalang, Dairi.
Photo 7. Trip through virgin forest at Dairi.
Photo 8. On the ferry on Toba Lake towards Samosir Island
Photo 9. Ferry on Toba Lake.
Photo 10. Spent the nights at Toba Lake Beach, Tuktuk, Samosir Island.
Photo 11. Visiting Traditional Bataknese House at Siallagan Village, Samosir Island.
Photo 12. The palace of King Siallagan, at Samosir Island.
Photo 13. Sitting at Stone Chair of King Siallgan at Samosir Island.
Photo 14. Seeing the soil profile at Samosir Island to try to feel the formation of Samosir Island after Toba Mountain Erruption in 70,000 years ago. It was the biggest erruption of world's volcano; the entire earth was 6 months with no sun light on the earth surface.
Photo 15. Swimming pool with hot spring water, Pusuk Buhit, Samosir Island.
Photo 16. Hot spring water, Pusuk Buhit, Samosir Island.

Thanks.  Kind regards.

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau