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PEABERRY Civet (Luwak) Coffee to Sell

PEABERRY Civet (Luwak) Coffee to Sell
Kopi Luwak Peaberry Dijual

*** What is PEABERRY Civet Coffee?

PEABERRY Civet Coffee is peaberry that produced by civet (luwak). Peaberry is very special not only because it was produced rarely at coffee plant but also because it has been selected carefully. Normally, one cherry develops two halves bean which form are flat. However, sometimes one cherry develops only one bean which is oval or pea-shaped. This is called Peaberry. From my experience, only around 4% of all beans harvested are Peaberry (Caracole). Worker has to select peaberries carefully from lots of civet coffee bean. It makes peaberry civet has optimal quality. In roasting, peaberry has more chance to receive optimal roast because it rolls on roasting chamber. In flavor and taste, does peaberry civet coffee has its own interesting attributes? My answer : Yes. You need to drink it, and find the answer.

*** What is Civet Coffee?
You must have ever heard Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak. You also must have ever drunk it, otherwise try to drink it. What is Kopi Luwak? Kopi Luwak is Indonesian word. Translation is Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee. How is it produced? Animal called civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites) eat the red coffee fruits for fleshy part of fruit (mesocarp), and then swallow it. In the civet stomach, enzyme penetrate the coffee bean in order to make peptide shorter and to free amino acids. The shape of coffee bean is maintened. The coffee beans come out the civet stomach in form of compact aggregation, not in each bean separately. These aggregate will then be gathered by people, washed, dried under sunligt, hulled, roasted and made in form of powder (ground coffee).

*** How do I provide my civet coffee?
I buy compact aggregation from coffee farmers from Mountain Area (1000-2300 m above sea level) of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This way of buying can then ensure me that I receive pure (100%) civet coffee. I buy the natural civet feces in form of compact aggregation I buy the dried natural wild civet feces aggregate (Natural Wild Civet Coffee) containing parchment of Arabica coffee from coffee farmers in the mountains (elevation 1000 to 2300 m above sea level) in the province of North Sumatra. By purchasing the aggregate, I can confirm that I receive a 100% pure civet coffee. Then I leave them to dry in the sun light on top of the aluminum plate. Once dry, then I wash it off with clean water to obtain parchment. Then I leave these parchment to dry in the sun light on top of the aluminum plate. Once dried, the parchment is then peeled manually to obtain green beans. The green beans are then washed to clean the seeds and to remove the husks. Clean green beans are then dried in the sun on top of the aluminium plate to obtain 12-14% moisture content. Next step, I do the Coffee Taste Test (Cupping Test) at my Coffee Taste Test Laboratory. Only the Kopi Luwak which is passed the Cupping Test will be sold to the buyer. Seen that the process is very long. Need to be notified that the yield of dried feces just 20%, meaning that 10 kg of dried feces gained 2 kg of green beans.

All stages as follows: Luwak eat the red cherry of coffee => Luwak produce feces in form of aggregation containing parchment => Feces are collected by farmers => Feces to dry under sun light on top of aluminium plate => Feces will be sended by farmers to me => Feces get continuous drying process under sun light on top of aluminium plate => Feces to be washed with clean water to obtain clean parchment => Parchment get drying process under sun light on top of aluminium plate => Parchment to be peeled manually to obtain green bean => Green bean to be washed with clean water => Green bean get drying process under sun light on top of aluminium plate => Green bean to be roasted => Cupping Test => If pass the test, ginding to produce powder => Ground (powder) coffee to be shipped to buyers.  

*** What do I sell and What is the price?
 I sell Natural Wildd Civet Coffee. Pure 100% civet coffee. I sell green bean, roasted bean and ground. I myself roast the green bean. I sell to all cities of all countries. Price is affordable:

A. Regular Luwak Coffee
Price: contact me.
B. PEABERRY Luwak Coffee
Price: contact me.

*** How is Packing?
Green bean, rosted bean or powder will be put in plastic sealed @ 250 gram. Then it will be packed in Aluminum Foil.

*** How to buy?
Put your order by sending me an e-mail to my e-mail address Then, I will send to you my account number. After you pay, I will send the coffee through Post Office or Air Cargo. You can buy through my shop online (click): http://goldenwayscoffee.ecwid.  com/simple-store

*** Who am I?
I am Dr. Sabam Malau, lecturer of Agriculture Faculty of University of  HKBP Nommensen, Medan, Indonesia. Member of  Theological Commission of Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) Church.  Doctor (PhD) from Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany. Owner of Goldenways Coffee. Licensed Q Grader (Certificate issued by Coffee Quality Institute, USA, and SCAA, USA), Roaster, Agronomist, and Coffee Expert who has Cupping Laboratory. Chairman of NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum. Member of Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Member of Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI). Coffee Consultant. Director of Center for Agriculture and Regional Development at HKBP Nommensen University. Member of Research Council of North Sumatera. Chairman of Agriculture Extension Commitee of Pakpak Bharat Regency, Indonesia. United States Agency for International Development (USAID) presented Certificate of Appreciation on 12 January 2011 for outstanding service to the USAID-AMARTA program in Indonesia, signed by CoP Dr. William Levine and Deputy CoP Mark Birnbaum. Awarded as Champion of the Community Entrepreneurship Challenge 2010, sponsored by Arthur Guinness Fund, organized by British Council Indonesia, signed by Mr. Keith Davies Country Director of British Council Indonesia; the fund in amount of IDR 100,000,000 has been transferred by BCI directly to account of Pakpak Bharat Proagribusiness Alliance.

I really appreciate you all to have read this letter and to buy coffee from me, and disseminate this coffee information to your friends and networks.

*** Why do I need to sell coffee?
Most of the profit will be used to promote coffee and to increase sustainability of quality and quantity of coffee production through productive coffee value chain. Direct beneficieries will be 9,500 coffee farmers and processors while indirect beneficieries will be hundreds of coffee collectors, exporters, importers, and millions of coffee drinkers or coffee devotees or coffee lovers including you-perhaps.


- MINIMUM ORDER for EXPORT is 1 kg. It will be sended through Air Cargo. Buy 21 kg, then TOTAL shipping cost is around US$ 325-425, and buy less than 2 kg then the shipping cost is around 60-100 per kg which depends on your country. SENDING through Air Cargo TO YOUR HOME at YOUR COUNTRY.

The profit will be used to help coffee farmers. Please click page Pruning Shears Give Free of Charge to Coffee Farmers.  For more information,please click page Goldenways Coffee.

- Mindestbestellmenge fuer Export is 1 kg.  Es wird durch Air Cargo gesendet werden.  Kaufen 21 kg, dann TOTAL Versandkosten betraeg rund US$ 325-425, und kaufen weniger als 2 kg dann die Versandkosten ist etwa US$ 60-100 pro kg, die abhaengig von Ihrem Land.  Senden durch Air cargo zu Ihrem Hause in Ihrem Landes.

Der Gewind wind verwendet, um Kaffeebauern zu helfen. 

- Minimum order voor export is 1 kg.  Het zal worden gestuurd via Air Cargo.  Koop 21 kg, dan total verschepen kosten is ongeveer US$ 325-425, und kopen minder dan 2 kg dan is de het verschepen kosten is ongeveer US $ 60 tot 100 per kg, wat afhankelijk is van uw land.  Verzenden via Air Cargo bij u thuis op UW LAND. 

Der winstzal woden gebruikt om koffieboeren te helfen. 

- Commande minimum pour l'expotation est de 1 kg. Il vous sera envoye par fret aerien. Acheter 21 kg, puis les frais de port TOTAL est de US$ 325-425, et achter moins de 2 kg puis le cout d'expedition est d'environ US$ 60-100 par kg, ce qui depende votre pays.  Envoi par fret aerien a votre maison a VOTRE PAYS.

 Le benefice sera utilise pour aider les producteurs de cafe.

- Pedido mínimo para la exportación es 1 kg. Se mandó a través de carga aérea. Comprar 21 kg, costo total del envío es de alrededor de 325-425 dólares EE.UU., y comprar menos de 2 kg, entonces el costo de envío es de alrededor de 60-100 kg por lo que depende de su país. Enviando a través de carga aérea a su hogar en SU PAÍS.

El beneficio será utilizado para ayudar a los productores de café.

- Мінімальне замовлення на експорт 1 кг. Він буде відіслано через вантажних авіаперевезень. Купити 21 кг, то загальна вартість доставки складає близько US $ 325-425, і купити менше 2 кг, то вартість доставки складає близько 60-100 за кг, в залежності від вашої країни. ВІДПРАВКА через Air Cargo для вашого будинку в вашій країні.

Прибуток буде використовуватися, щоб допомогти фермерам кави.

- ORDINE MINIMO per l'esportazione è di 1 kg. Sarà inviato tramite Air Cargo. Compra 21 kg, quindi il costo di trasporto totale è di circa US $ 325-425, e acquistare a meno di 2 kg quindi il costo di trasporto è di circa 60-100 kg per che dipende dal vostro paese. Invio tramite Air Cargo a casa tua con VOSTRO PAESE.

L'utile sarà utilizzato per aiutare i coltivatori di caffè.

- 輸出のための最低の順序は1キロです。これは、航空貨物にsendedを通してされます。 21キロを購入し、総郵送費用はUS $325から425程度であり、その後郵送料はあなたの国に依存して60から100キロあたりの周り未満で2キロを購入。あなたの国であなたの家に航空貨物を介して送信する。


- 出口最低订购量为1千克。这将是sended通过空运货物。购买21公斤,当时的总运输成本是325-425美元左右,买不到2公斤的运输成本是每公斤约60-100取决于您所在的国家或地区。在您所在的国家通过空运货物发送到您的主页。


- Pedido mínimo para exportação é de 1 kg. Será sended através de carga aérea. Comprar 21 kg, então o custo de transporte total é de cerca de EUA $ 325-425, e comprar menos de 2 kg, então o custo de transporte é de cerca de 60-100 kg por que depende do seu país. Envio através de carga aérea a sua casa em SEU PAÍS.

O lucro será usado para ajudar os produtores de café.

- Минимальный заказ на экспорт 1 кг. Он будет отослано через грузовых авиаперевозок. Купить 21 кг, то общая стоимость доставки составляет около US $ 325-425, и купить менее 2 кг, то стоимость доставки составляет около 60-100 за кг, в зависимости от вашей страны. ОТПРАВКА через Air Cargo для вашего дома в вашей стране.

Прибыль будет использоваться, чтобы помочь фермерам кофе.

- GORCHYMYN LEIAF gyfer ALLFORIO yw 1 kg. Bydd yn cael ei sended trwy Air Cargo. Prynu 21 kg, yna cost llongau CYFANSWM yw tua US $ 325-425, ac yn prynu llai na 2 kg yna bydd y gost llongau tua 60-100 kg fesul sy'n dibynnu ar eich gwlad. ANFON trwy Cargo Aer I EICH CARTREF EICH GWLAD yn.

Bydd yr elw yn cael ei ddefnyddio i helpu ffermwyr coffi.

- Tá ORDÚ IS LÚ do ONNMHAIRIÚ 1 kg. Beidh sé sended trí lasta Aeir. Ceannaigh 21 kg, ansin tá costas loingseoireachta IOMLÁN timpeall US $ 325-425, agus a cheannach níos lú ná 2 kg ansin tá an costas loingseoireachta ar fud 60-100 kg in aghaidh an atá ag brath ar do thír féin. SEOLTA trí Lasta Aeir LE DO BHAILE ag DO TÍR.

Beidh an brabús a úsáid chun cabhrú le feirmeoirí caife.

- Minimum Order til útflutnings er 1 kg. Það verður sended í Air Cargo. Kaupa 21 kg, þá er alger flutningskostnað um US $ 325-425, og kaupa minna en 2 kg þá er Shipping kostnaður í kringum 60-100 á kg sem byggist á þínu landi. Senda í gegnum Cargo Air heim í þínu landi.
Hagnaður verður notað til að hjálpa kaffi bændum.

- Minimum Ordinis pro EXAGOGA est I kg. Erit sended per Air Cargo. Buy XXI kg, tunc TOTAL shipping sumptus est circa US $ 325-425, et emite minus quam II kg tunc shipping sumptus est circa 60-100 per kg quae dependet patriam. MISSIO per Air Cargo UT VESTRI HOME ad patriam.
Utilitas erit solebant adiuuare coffee agricolis.

- Minimum for eksport er 1 kg. Det vil bli sended gjennom Air Cargo. Kjøp 21 kg, så TOTAL frakt kostnaden er rundt US $ 325-425, og kjøpe mindre enn 2 kg da ​​shipping kostnaden er rundt 60-100 per kg som avhenger av landet. SENDE gjennom Air Cargo til ditt hjem på ditt land.
Overskuddet vil bli brukt til å hjelpe kaffebønder.

- Minsta order för export är 1 kg. Det kommer att sended genom Air Cargo. Köp 21 kg, TOTAL fraktkostnad är ungefär US $ 325-425, och köpa mindre än 2 kg då fraktkostnaden är ca 60-100 per kg som beror på ditt land. SKICKA genom Air Cargo till ditt hem i ditt land.
Resultatet kommer att användas för att hjälpa kaffeodlare.

- Minimum bestelling vir uitvoer is 1 kg. Dit sal sended word deur die Air Cargo. Koop 21 kg, dan TOTAAL gestuur koste is ongeveer US $ 325-425, en minder as 2 kg koop dan is die gestuur koste is ongeveer 60-100 per kg wat hang af van jou land. Stuur deur Air Cargo na jou huis op jou land.
Die wins sal gebruik word om koffie boere te help.


- Order minimum dalam negeri hanya 250 gram.

Peaberry Civet Coffee is peaberry that produced by civet (luwak). Peaberry is very special not only because it was produced rarely at coffee plant but also because it has been selected carefully.

Normally, one cherry develops two halves bean which form are flat. However, sometimes one cherry develops only one bean which is oval or pea-shaped. This is called Peaberry or caracoli. From my experience, only around 4% of all beans harvested are Peaberry.  

Worker has to select peaberries carefully from lots of civet coffee bean. It makes peaberry civet has optimal quality. In roasting, peaberry has more chance to receive optimal roast because it rolls on roasting chamber.  In flavor and taste, does peaberry civet coffee has its own interesting attributes? My answer : Yes. You need to drink it, and find the answer. So simple is that. Contact me.

Picture 1 and 2. PEABERRY CIVET (LUWAK) COFFEE. 7 Star Quality, Affordabe Price. Green Bean, Roasted, Ground. Wild Natural Civet.  Arabica. Origin: Mountain Area of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Manual Hulling. Roasted at my Cupping Lab.  Shipping to all cities of all countries. Contact me.


Kopi Luwak PEABERRY adalah peaberry yang dihasilkan oleh luwak. Peaberry sangat special buka hanya karena jarang diproduksi pada tanaman kopi tetapi juga karena dipilih hati-hati.

Umumnya, satu buah mengembangkan 2 buah biji yang berbentuk datar. Akan tetapi, kadang kala satu buah mengembangkan hanya satu biji yang berbetuk oval (bulat lonjing) atau berbentu biji pea. Inilah yang disebut Peaberry atau caracoli. Dari pengalaman saya, hanya sekitar 4% dari semua biji yang dipanen merupakan Peaberry.

Pekerja memilih biji Peaberry dengan hati-hati dari sekumpulan biji kopi. Ini menyebabkan biji peaberry mempunyai kualitas optimal. Pada sangraian, peaberry mempunyai peluang yang lebih besar untuk memeroleh sangraian otial karena bentuknya yang bulat oval yang membuatnya berguling pada ruang sangrai. Dalam aspek cita rasa, apaah kopi luwak peaberry  mempunyai atribut tersendiri yang menarik? Ya, Anda perlu meminumnya, dan menemukan sendiri jawabannya.  Hubungi saya.

Gambar 1 dan 2. KOPI LUWAK PEABERRY. Kualitas Bintang 7, Harga Terjangkau. Biji Hijau, Sangrai, Bubuk. Luwak Liar Alamiah. Arabica. Asal: Daerah Pegunungan Provinsi Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. Dikupas manual. Disangrai di Lab Uji Cita Rasa milik saya. Dikirim ke seluruh kota di seluruh negara. Hubungi saya.

Saya menjual Kopi Luwak Liar Alamiah. 100% Murni Kopi Luwak dari Kopi Arabica.  100% kopi. Tidak ada bahan aditif, tidak ada bahan campuran, tidak dicampur dengan bahan-bahan apapun. Asal kopi: Daerah Pegunungan Provinsi Sumatera Utara. Tersedia: Batak Luwak, Dairi Luwak, Samosir Luwak, Lintong Luwak. Dikirim ke seluruh dunia.

A. Kopi Luwak PEABERRY (caracoli, Kopi Luwak Lanang)
Harga: hubungi saya.
B. Kopi Luwak Regular
Harga: hubungi saya. 

Laba akan digunakan untuk memromosikan kopi dan untuk meningkatkan keberlanjutan dari mutu dan jumlah produksi kopi melalui rantai nilai kopi yang kreatif. Penerima manfaat langsung sebanyak 9.500 petani kopi dan pengusaha pengupasan kopi sedangkan penerima manfaat tidak langsung sebanyak beratus-ratus pedagang pengumpul, eksportir, importir dan jutaan peminum, penikmat, penggemar dan pecinta kopi termasuk Anda-semoga.

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Thanks.  Kind regards.

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau

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NSCF member of 4C Association, Germany

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Dear all,
With happiness and joy, I would like to inform a very good news as following.
On 6 March 2011, 4C Association approved the membership of NSCF - North Sumatera Coffee Forum with ID 50007. The 4C Association, headquarter in Bonn Germany, welcame NSCF. NSCF has been very glad being member of 4C Association. Prior to that, I and Mr. Lars Kahnert, 4C Support Manager Co-Financing, also contacted through emails and teleconference. We discussed many things for better world coffee.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sabam Malau NSCF Chairman Updated:
1. We thank USAID for having paid the membership fee of year 2011 in amount of EUR 100.
2. We also thank USAID for having paid the membership fee of year 2012 in amount of EUR 100.