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Coffee Maker at Café Exaudi

Coffee Maker at Café Exaudi (Dalam Bhasa Indonesia Penyeduh Kopi di Café Exaudi ) I am Sabam Malau, gave training on brewing technique and quality maintenance of coffee to Coffee Makeror Baristas who work at Coffee Shop (Café) Exaudi HKBP locating at Jalan Hang Tuah 36 Pekanbaru on Sunday 8 December 2013.  Many coffee lovers saw this baristas training. The Café uses Specialty Coffee Aleale (Arabica), Coffee Sirambumas (Robusta) and Luwak DaSola (Arabica) which are produced by Goldenways Coffee that belongs to me.   Let’s drink the most tasty, fragrant, healthiest and fresh coffee at this café.   This training was held by Enterprises Board of HKBP Jalan Hang Tuah 36 Pekanbaru.   All my cost (transportation, accomodation, roasted ground coffee) for this training has been covered by the profit of my coffee selling.   Let me inform you that almost all of profit of my coffee selling has been and will be dedicated to society for coffee developing  acti