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NSCF with Deputy Consul General of the USA at Medan

NSCF with Deputy Consul General Of The United States of America at Consulate Medan

Do you know that NSCF's programs follow President SBY's and Obama's program? NSCF's programs that already relates with President SBY's and Obama's comprehensive partnership program catched Wood's attention. We are proud of Woods' hospitality as NSCF-North Sumatera Coffee Forumvisited Deputy Consul General American Consulate Medan. Deputy Consul General Wood explained the important position of Indonesia as well as North Sumatera for USA.  That's why he does whatever he can do for the best relationship between two countries. Photo: from Left to right: Edison Sianturi (NSCF), Meta Christy Saragih (consulate Staff), Sabam Malau (Chairman of NSCF), HE Anthony C. Woods (Deputy Consul General), Bharaty (USAID DAI AMARTA), Parlindungan Purba (Senator of Republic Indonesia, NSCF Advisor).

Parlindungan Purba explained the indonesian current economic situation.  Indonesian economy …

Good Agricultural Practice in Coffee Field

Good Agricultural Practice in Coffee Field

Do you know why broca trap and shade tree is a Good Agricultural Practice in coffee field? Broca trap will trap Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei.  Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) alias Broca fly into the broca trap because of attractant inside the transparant cage.  Attractant is chemical liquid subtance. The subtance attracts CBB to come near and nearer, and finally CBB will be trapped inside the trap and cannot go out from the cage. For the best effectiveness or the best result, one hectare needs 22-25 traps.  The traps are hung at 1.25 m above above soil surface.

By reducing CBB infection, coffee production per plant and per hectare will increase.  Shade trees will create micro climate that is favour not only for coffee plant but also for life of birds.   Good Agriculture Practice in Coffee Field by using shade tree and  broca trap 
in Mr. Lamhot Padang's coffee field in Pakpak Bharat Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia (Photo taken by S…

Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei

Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei

If you want to have a better world or you are coffee lover or if your life is connected with coffee business, then you need to read this article because you will know that coffee growers are struggling to provide the best coffee for you.  Enventhough you are not coffee lover, you can continue reading because you will know how expensive coffee is. Thank you for continuing reading.

Coffee as the second most important Coffee and caffeinated beverage are consumed every day by around 400 million of world citizens.  Coffee is the second most important things in the world after fuel. No days and nights without coffee.  Coffee are responsible for economy of more than 20 million family (around 60 million people) in the world.  Alone in North Sumatra Province of Indonesia, coffee value chain is responsible for economy life of more than 800,000 people (= 160,000 Households).  Coffee export from North Sumatera contributed approximately US$ 195 million in year …

Coffee Time : What a wonderful day to drink coffee !

Coffee Time : What a wonderful day to drink coffee !

In The Specialty Coffee Chronicle 2011 Issue No. 3, a publication of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), Dr. Sabam Malau (Chairman of NSCF-North Sumatera Coffee Forum) said that he is drinking "Sweet black coffee mostly, sometimes sweet milk coffee. Boiling water is poured into glass containing coffee powder and sugar". What are you drinking?  

Are you coffee drinker? If yes or no, then you must be familiar with the following questions and answers. I believe that you have ever answered the questions. So far as concerning coffee drinking, many questions can be existing as following.

First, when did you drink coffee for the first time? This question is intended to know if your first time in coffee drinking was very impressive. It could be nice experience, it could be bad one.

Second, what kind coffee will be the best for you? This question is intended to know if you like to drink arabica coffee or robusta coffee…

NSCF to cooperate with Simalungun Coffee Farmers Association (ASTAKOSI)

NSCF to cooperate with Simalungun Coffee Farmers Association (ASTAKOSI)

"North Sumatra Coffee Forum (NSCF) is surely available to work together closely with Simalungun Coffee Farmers Association (ASTAKOSI) to increase welfare of coffee farmers.  That's are the NSCF's programs", aswered NSCF Chairman Sabam Malau to ASTAKOSI Chairman Mr Tindaon today 7 January 2011.   Sabam Malau (in black jacket, right) discussed with coffee farmers in Simalungun Regency.
Mr Tindaon asked for cooperation with NSCF. ASTAKOSI has members who are coffee farmers in Simalungun Regency of North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. Simalungun is one of main coffee producers in North Sumatra Province.  

Sabam Malau discussed with coffee farmers in Simalungun Regency. Sabam Malau and Arman Ginting in coffee fields in Simalungun Regency. Sabam Malau and Arman Ginting in coffee fields in Simalungun Regency. Sabam Malau in coffee fields in Simalungun Regency.
Kind regards,

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau NSCF Chairman

NSCF meeting with Aceh Coffee Forum

NSCF meeting with Aceh Coffee Forum
(Dalam bahasa Indonesia FKSU bertemu FKA)

North Sumatera Coffee Forum (NSCF) discussed with Aceh Coffee Forum (ACF) in Takengon, ACF headquarter.  Attendees were Sabam Malau (NSCF Chairman), Mustafa Ali (ACF Chairman),  Masna Manurung (ACF member) and Hermanto (ACF member, Staff of Forest and Estate Department of Central Aceh Regency). Sabam Malau (NSCF Chairman, left) and Mustafa Ali   (ACF Chairman, right) agreed to work closely in future
Many topics were discussed such as organization performance, Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) or broca, coffee agronomy and market, and coffee farmers problems.  One of the most important result was the agreement between NSCF and ACF.  Both Chairmen agreed to establish mutual works and relationship between NSCF's program and ACF's program in the nearest future.
The discussion was conducted on 15 December 2010 in a very friendship atmosphere. Sabam Malau was very impressed by ACF hospitality.  Martono and Sabam Malau i…

Coffee Exporters

Coffee Exporters
Coffee Exporters and Industries (AEKI) of North Sumatera discussed coffee development in North Sumatera Province, Indonesia. The discussion took place in AEKI office on Tuesday 28 December 2010. Sabam Malau explained that NSCF is a civil society-non profilt oriented organization.  NSCF pays great attention on coffee in North Sumatera because Coffee value chain is responsible for life of more than 1,000,000 people in North Sumatera Province of Indonesia. They are coffee growers (160,000 households = 800,000 persons; coffee collectors and traders,  coffee roasters, coffee workers at coffee industries and coffee exporters, and cafe shops, etc.  NSCF makes efforts to maintain coffee production as well as  to increase economic value of coffee in short years to come. NSCF participates in developing of coffee agriculture by implementing good agricultural practice, competitive, ecofarming, integrated farming system and sustainable. The activities can be in form of research, sem…