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Buy Coffee European Countries to increase import

Buy Coffee European Countries to increase import The current and future demand on arabica (specialty) coffee in the European Countries increases significantly. The European Countries will increase significantly import of arabica coffee from Indonesia such as from North Sumatra and Aceh Province.  Hence, it is very important to improve (specialty) coffee value chain in order to increase coffee exports towards European United (EU) markets. The existing bottlenecks at level of farmers, agents/collectors, processors exporters and importers must be solved. Business Supporting Organization (BSO) such as North Sumatra Coffee Forum (NSCF) can play important roles to overcome the bottlenecks. In year 2012, many European Countries' coffee importers will visit North Sumatra and Aceh Province of Indonesia, and the visit will be arranged and hosted by NSCF together with MPKG (Masyarakat Perlindungan Kopi Gayo) (Please click  COFFEE ORIGIN TRIP TO INDONESIA 2012 , or read below) . Besid

Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee “ I believe in business approach rather than charity approach” , said Thomas Sproten to Sabam Malau in a very friendly atmosphere of conversation. Photo: Thomas Sproten discussed with Sabam Malau at TIP TOP Restaurant Medan. A coffee toast. Thomas Sproten, a German, is consultant for JaPPSa which is a network of nine NGOs working in North Sumatra of Indonesia to support the marketing of various agricultural commodities that are preferably grown in an organic or environment-friendly way. Coffee is one of the products that JaPPSa intends to offer to interested buyers. Sabam Malau is Chairman of NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum of Indonesia. The followings are core of Thomas Sproten’s explaination about background and his duty as consultant of JaPSSa. He loves coffee especially North Sumatran Coffee as one of the world’s best coffee . By using his experience and knowledge, he wants to help JaPPSa in organic market. He knows what organic commodi

Q Grader of Coffee Bean

Q Grader of  Coffee Bean Certificate of Completion of the 3 rd  Indonesian Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee 7-12 November 2011 at Kopi Bali House, Sanur, Bali was awarded to me and my friends by Rocky Rhodes, and he said  “Congratulation” to us. The Certificate was signed by Ted Lingle (Executive Director of Coffee Quality Insttute, CQI, USA) and Rocky Rhodes (Principal Instructor of International Coffee Consulting, ICC, USA). Photo 1. Rocky Rhodes gave  Certificate of Completion of  Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee to  Dr. Sabam Malau (right)  What is Q-Grader Course? The following is written on the Certificate of Completion of the Q-Grader Course: “In recognition of completing the curriculum of cupping training designed to teach the basic sensory skills and expertise required in the evaluation of coffee through standardized methods of cupping and grading established by the Technical Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, this certifica

Mangisi Sinaga, a smiling merchant of coffee from Samosir Island

Mangisi Sinaga, a smiling merchant of coffee from Samosir Island "This is my son Mangisi Sinaga, the merchant of coffee” , said his friendly mother Boru Siringo-ringo to me as I visited them on Tuesday 25 October 2011 at their business site in Hatoguan Village. Photo1: Mangisi Sinaga, ST (right) and Dr. Sabam Malau (left) Hatoguan Village is part of Palipi Subregency of Samosir Regency of North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. Hatoguan Village locates at Samosir Island. Hatoguan Village takes place at the beach of Toba Lake, one of the world’s beautiful lake. Mangisi Sinaga is alumnus of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), one of the top 10 universities in Indonesia, in year 2010. In March 2011, he decided to be a coffee entrepreneur as he was convinced that coffee trading has good economic value and can give him profit. He is still bachelor and young with age of 24 years old. He sells parchmented coffee bean as well as green bean to buyers in Medan. To prod

Amazing : A 85 years old Farmer of Coffee

Amazing : A 85 years old Farmer of Coffee What do you think if a very old coffee farmer requests a book of coffee cultivation from you? Photo: Dr. Sabam Malau (left) showed how and where to put organic fertilizer. Mr Sitanggang (right), a decrepit  farmer of coffee, at Rianiate Village. Photo taken on Wednesday 26 October 2011. I was very impressed by Mr Sitanggang who is a coffee growers in Rianiate Village of Simanindo Subregency of Samosir Regency of North Sumatra Province. Rianiate locates at the beach of Toba Lake, one of the world’s most beautiful lake. Mr Sitanggang is 85 years old, a very old man.   I met him at his coffee field  on Wednesday 26 October 2011  as I saw him uprooted the weeds. The coffee field locates beside the street. I let my car stopped, stepped down, walked towards him, and greeted him. I introduced my name and my organization i.e NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum.  He informed me about himself. We then discussed about coff

Managers of VOLCAFE and DAK MAN and Chairman of NSCF met together

Managers of VOLCAFE and DAK MAN and Chairman of NSCF met together Meeting with expert, professional and competent managers of VOLCAFE and DAK MAN had made great happiness to me. Mr Michael Lutz, the General Manager of PT VOLKOPI INDONESIA at Medan, introduced me to them.  Photo 1:  Elisabeth J. Barry  at Laboratory of PT Volkopi Indonesia in Medan. Photo taken by Dr. Sabam Malau on 7 October 2011. Photo 2: Mr  Le Nghia Tri Dung  at Laboratory of PT Volkopi Indonesia in Medan. Photo taken by Dr. Sabam Malau on 7 October 2011. Mr  Le Nghia Tri Dung  is Warehousing & Quality Manager of VOLCAFE Ltd at Representative Office in Ho Chi Minn City, Vietnam while Ms  Elisabeth J. Barry  is Operation Manager of DAK MAN (MAN – Bouon Ma Thuot Coffee Processing & Export J.V.Co.) Vietnam. Ms  Elisabeth J. Barry is a lady from United Kingdom (UK). As Chairman of North Sumatra Coffee Forum (NSCF), I informed to them the duty of NSCF. We talked also about coffe

The Toba Lake Coffee Research Initiative (LTCRI) Project

The Toba Lake Coffee Research Initiative (LTCRI) Project PT Volkopi Indonesia (member of VOLCAFE GROUP, the Coffee Division of ED&F MAN) together with North Sumatra Coffee Forum (NCF) signed Memorandum odf Understanding (MoU to do the Lake Toba Coffee Research Initiative (LTCR) Project.  The LTCRI project period is 4 years, starts on 12 September 20111 and end on 11 September 2015.    Photo 1: Mr. Micahel Lutz and Dr. Sabam Malau signing on 3 October 2011 the MoU of LTCRI Project         The MoU is signed on 3 October 2011 by Dr Sabam Malau (Chairman of NSCF) and Mr Micahel Lutz (General Manager of PT VOLKOPI INDONESIA) at Mr Lutz’s office. Prior to it, the gentle agreement was made on 12 September 2011 (see and click page PT Volkopi Indonesia Sells Only the Best Bean of  Coffee ; also see and click page Coffee Breeding by PT Volkopi Indonesia and NSCF ).     PT Volkopi Indonesia is one of the biggest coffee exporter company, headquartered at Jalan Pelajar