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Pemain Terbaik Piala Dunia 2018 ini_1_Best Players of World Cup


Goldenways Coffee Enterprise

GOLDENWAYS COFFEE ENTERPRICE What was  background ? Stimulated by my need of fund to help poor farmers of coffee as well as to share the best, most tasty and healthy coffee which I always drink, then I sell coffee. Why do I need to sell coffee? Most of the profit will be used to increase welfare (income) of coffee farmers through creative coffee value chain program by implementing pro-environmental and sustainable quality and quantity of coffee production system.  The activities will be in form of empowerment, training, field school, and facilitating.  In due time (in 2-3 years), the program will stimulate the coffee growers of a village to establish cooperative which builds the hulling and roasting facilities.  This will increase their income higher than ever.  Goldenways Coffee will be the buyer of these green beans as well as roasted beans.  Direct beneficieries will be 9,500 coffee farmers. Who can buy my coffee? Everybody, Roasters, Cafes, Restaurant

AMARTA II Coffee Stakeholders Meeting

AMARTA II Coffee Stakeholders Meeting (Pertemuan Pemangku Kepentingan Kopi AMARTA II) The world's need on coffee increases significantly. For it, the production and quality of coffee must be increased significantly by creating a better coffee value chain starting from producers to drinkers as the end-users. There were some success that had been achieved in Indonesia especially in North Sumatra Province, but there are still much more to do in the future for the sake of sustainability of supply and quality. The action programs will be formulated in the next step by ACDIVOCA, the winner of tender of AMARTA II Project. Farther meetings are needed to hear what activities will be offered by ACDIVOCA. We all are keen to know.  Let's wait the invitation letters from  ACDIVOCA .  Those mentioned above were some general conclusions that I could draw from the  AMARTA II Coffee Stakeholders Meeting held by USAID-AMARTA II Project in Grand Aston Hotel Medan on Mo

ICCRI's Training of Coffee Cultivation and Processing

ICCRI's Training of Coffee Cultivation and Processing “Coffee Cultivation and Processing” training was very useful. Training was held on 31 January to 4 February 2012 by Indonesian Coffee and Cacao Research Institute (ICCRI), Jember, Central Java, Indonesia.  Training was financially sponsored by Ford Foundation, and organized by Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI). Dr Sabam Malau, NSCF Chairman, attended the training, and thanked PT Volkopi Indonesia -Michael Lutz, General Manager- for the payment of the training fee (IDR 4,000,000), round tickets, and accommodation. Photo 1: Training Attendees in front of ICCRI's O ffice   Photo 2: Training Attendees with Dr. Surip Mawardi Subjects of training were superior planting materials and descriptions of coffee varieties, seedlings and plant multiplication, management of shading trees, pruning of coffee and plant diversification with animal, land preparation and cultivation of coffee, conservatio


Mother Teresa's rule...... Direct beneficieries will be 9,500 coffee farmers, collectors and processors while indirect beneficieries will be millions of coffee lovers or coffee drinkers as well as  hundreds of coffee exporters/importers . Your donation will be used to promote coffee and to increase sustainability of quality and quantity of coffee production through creative coffee value chain.   The amount of your donation surely depends on you. You may donate (in US Dollar or Rupiah/IDR) US$ 10 or 20 or 30 or 50, or 100 or 1,000 or more than it.  And, we can also receive your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fund. F under or donator can be person or group or company. A funder can donate less than or more than that amount, it depends on donator him/her self. Donators will receive report regularly, if donators need it. The NSCF Chairman had opened an account for NSCF at Bank Mandiri. Please transfer or send the fund to the followin

Afi Nafisah's Impression of NSCF Coffee Origin Trip

Afi Nafisah's Impression of NSCF Coffee Origin Trip. Written by Afi Nafisah It was such a great eye opener. My passion for coffee begins as a coffee drinker. Living in the big city, my interaction with coffee mostly happened in the shop that sells coffee, from normal restaurant to fancy specialty coffee shop. I have very little understanding how the coffee farmers live and how they grow it and the supply chain that is involved in coffee production from the growers to the the roaster.  Photo 1. Ms. Afi Nafisah wearing Bataknese Traditional Cloth, sitting on the stone chair of King Siallagan at Samosir Island.   This trip definitely showed me the overall pictures of these regions, the people, the culture, the economy, and the process. By the end of it we had made a trip around Lake Toba, covered the great coffee regions of North Sumatra, namely Lintong, Simalungun, Dolok Sanggul, Sidikalang, Dairi, Samosir, Saribu Dolok, etc. I felt really honored to have Mr Saba