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The U.S. FDA registered Goldenways Coffee

The U.S. FDA registered Goldenways Coffee since 2012 (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia Goldenways Coffee terdaftar di FDA Amerika Serikat Sejak Tahun 2012 ) Regards aleale.  Herewith I may inform you that the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has provided confirmation since 27 December 2012 that the Goldenways Coffee has been registered at FDA.   Goldenways Coffee belonging to me is a small company underwhich I send the coffee (roasted coffee bean and ground coffee) to the USA and other countries.  We provide the world's best tasty, healthy and fragrance coffee to you. The profit will be used to help poor farmers of coffee through program of coffee develoment that is pro-environment, pro-growth, and pro-poor farmers. Wish us luck. The coffee I sell:  - Aleale Specialty Coffee and Sirambumas Specialty Coffee,  Coffee to Sell ,  -  Luwak Coffee , and  -  Peaberry Civet Coffee .  The pupose of the selling is to make better coffee system such as to increase

Pruning Shears Given Free of Charge to Coffee Farmers

Pruning Shears Given Free of Charge to Coffee Farmers ** Kita masih membutuhkan ribuan gunting dan juga masih perlu melakukan banyak alih pengetahuan dan teknologi kepada petani kopi. ** Tuhan telah dan akan selalu memberkati dermawan yang dipakai Tuhan untuk menyalurkan berkat dan kasihNya bagi manusia dan alam semesta. Dermawan tersebut adalah para pembeli kopiku.  Keuntungan penjualan Kopi yang saya produksi yakni Aleale (Arabica), Sirambumas (Robusta) dan Luwak DaSola (Reguler dan Peaberry) telah saya gunakan untuk membeli sebanyak 40 gunting (senilai Rp. 1.400.000) yang telah diberikan secara gratis kepada Petani Kopi di Kabupaten Dairi, Simalungun, Samosir, Humbang Hasundutan, Tobasa, Pakpak Bharat, Tapanuli Utara dan Karo di Provinsi Sumatera Utara.  Gunting tersebut digunakan untuk memotong tunas-tunas adventif, cabang-cabang nonproduktif seperti cabang gila atau cabang sungsang dalam konteks “Membangun Rantai Nilai Kopi Yang Produktif dan Berkelanjutan” di Sumat

PEABERRY Civet (Luwak) Coffee to Sell

PEABERRY Civet (Luwak) Coffee to Sell Kopi Luwak Peaberry Dijual *** What is PEABERRY Civet Coffee? PEABERRY Civet Coffee is peaberry that produced by civet (luwak). Peaberry is very special not only because it was produced rarely at coffee plant but also because it has been selected carefully. Normally, one cherry develops two halves bean which form are flat. However, sometimes one cherry develops only one bean which is oval or pea-shaped. This is called Peaberry. From my experience, only around 4% of all beans harvested are Peaberry (Caracole). Worker has to select peaberries carefully from lots of civet coffee bean. It makes peaberry civet has optimal quality. In roasting, peaberry has more chance to receive optimal roast because it rolls on roasting chamber. In flavor and taste, does peaberry civet coffee has its own interesting attributes? My answer : Yes. You need to drink it, and find the answer. *** What is Civet Coffee? You must have ever heard Luwak C

Buy Coffee

Buy Coffee  (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia Beli Kopi ) If you want to buy coffee, I sell coffee with Coffee Price Today . Order Online . = - MINIMUM ORDER for EXPORT is 1 kg. It will be sended through Air Cargo. The profit will be used to help coffee farmers such as Pruning Shears Give Free of Charge to Coffee Farmers  and training organic and entrepreneurs coffee quality as well as baristas training by using moderen roaster of coffee .  For more information, please click page Goldenways Coffee .  I do thank  Buyers of my coffee and Their Testimony .   - Mindestbestellmenge fuer Export is 1 kg.  Senden durch Air cargo zu Ihrem Hause in Ihrem Landes. Der Gewind wind verwendet, um Kaffeebauern zu helfen. - Minimum order voor export is 1 kg.  Het zal worden gestuurd via Air Cargo.    Verzenden via Air Cargo bij u thuis op UW LAND.   Der winstzal woden gebruikt om koffieboeren te helfen.  - Commande minimum pour l'expotation est de 1 kg. Il vous sera envoy

Coffee Roaster, Coffee Maker and Coffee Cupping Session

Coffee Roaster, Coffee Maker and Coffee Cupping Session It was a great time to have extraordinary experience from Cupping Session with Coffee Stakeholders at Samosir Island. The cupping session was: Location : Hotel Tiga Besar, Pangururan City, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. Date: Saturday, 10 March 2012  Participants :   Sabam Malau (Chaiman of  NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum) Jornang Sinaga (Member of SCF-Samosir Coffee Forum; He is also a coffee farmer) Monang Gurning (Member of SCF-Samosir Coffee Forum; He is also a coffee farmer) Mangisi Dedy Putrawan Sinaga (Coffee Processor at Samosir) Sardi Gurning (Coffee Agent/Collector at Samosir) Marie-Anne Rogers (Coffee Technician at Masteroast, Peterborough, United Kingdom)    The objective of the cupping session: To expose cupping method to farmers, processor and agent of coffee at grass root level. To let them experience their coffee taste, and to educate them the correlation

Laboratory of Coffee Cupping

Laboratory of Coffee Cupping. Laboratorium Uji Cita Rasa Kopi. To create taste of coffee is a science and art.  Menciptakan cita rasa kopi adalah ilmu dan seni. Coffee Cupping Laboratory of mine. I sell only green bean, roasted bean and ground of coffee which pass the cupping test. Laboratorum Uji Cita Rasa milikku. Saya menjual hanya biji hijau, biji sangrai dan bubuk kopi yang lulus Uji Cita Rasa. Photo 1. Cupping Laboratory of mine See more: Photo 1. Cupping Laboratory of mine .   Laboratorum Uji Cita Rasa milikku . Photo 2.  Cupping glass, roasted bean and green bean.    Gelas Cicip, Biji Sangrai, dan Biji Hijau. Photo 3.  Grinding.    Pe nggilingan . Photo 4.  Fragrance.  Wangi. Photo 5.  Writing on Cupping Form.  Mengisi Cupping Form Photo 6.  Pouring of hot water.  Menuangkan air panas. Photo 7.  Spoon.  Menyendok. Photo 8.  Tasting.  Mencicipi. Photo 9.  Roaster Machine  (right), Hand Grinder (black) and Electric Grinder (red).  Mesin Peny