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Unfairness in coffee value chain

Unfairness in Coffee Value Chain     The current price of 1 (one) kilogram of coffee bean  at coffee growers level  is  equally to a cup of coffee at consumers level.  In other words, coffee growers receive only around 5% of coffee value; it is a great unfairness.       Doing unfairness to coffee growers will result in decreasing quantity of coffee bean production.  Coffee bean supply will decrease, and hence coffee bean price will climb higher and higher. It's a Supply-Demand law.  If  Supply is less than Demand, then the price surely climbs higher and higher and higher.        Coffee growers are human being. Hence, they have right to have good live and home, to provide education for their children, to have savings, etc.  If they don't get enough money from coffee farm, then the will replant their coffee field with other crops. This has happened in large part of the coffee world. Thanks , Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau NSCF Chairman December 29, 2010.

Funders of NSCF

Do you know the terrific importances of coffee for the human being and the earth? Coffee is very important for lifes of hundreds of millions of people in the world as well as for hundreds of thousands citizens of North Sumatera Province of Indonesia. Coffee is needed everyday by hundreds of millions of people in the world. Coffee is the second most thing in the world after fuel. Hence, coffee must be survive under any circumtances and problems. To make coffee always available in the future, some efforts are urgently needed. Shortly speaking, current way of handling must be renewed and fundamentally change.  That are the reasons why NSC F - North Sumatera Coffee Forum creates, implements and shares the  Ecoscofas . Ecoscofas is the vision, value and goal. Ecoscofas is Ecofriendly and Sustainable Coffee Farming and Trading System. NSCF builds coffee farmer and coffee entrepreneur capabilities by using Good Agriculture Practice principles.  Photo of a heal

NSCF - North Sumatra Coffee Forum

NSCF - North Sumatra Coffee Forum Do you know that NSCF is established in order to participate in providing and promoting the best coffee for you and the world?  NSCF is the abreviation of North Sumatra Coffee Forum which is -in Indonesian Language- FKSU as the abreviation of Forum Kopi Sumatera Utara. In a Coffee Workshop attended by a great number of attendees representing the coffee stakeholders, NSCF (North Sumatra Coffee Forum) was established on 26 October 2010 in Tiara Hotel  Convention Hall in Medan, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. The workshop was facilitated by USAID ( United States Agency for International Development ) through DAI, the contractor of AMARTA-1 Project in Indonesia. We thanked Ms. Bharaty Vighna and Mr. Arman Ginting (both from DAI) for their professional performance in conducting the workshop under supervision of Mr.  Erik Meliala.     Advisor, Management and Members of NSCF.  Photo was taken on establishing day of NSCF  on 26 October