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Pemain Terbaik Piala Dunia 2018 ini_1_Best Players of World Cup


Coffee dicussed by USAID, IPSD and NSCF

Coffee discussed by USAID, IPSD and NSCF            NSCF – North Sumatera Coffee Forum will increase its strategic role in order to maintain coffee bean production as well as to increase coffee entrepreneurship in North Sumatera Province Indonesia.  Through entrepreneurship, the coffee growers as well as coffee traders and roasters will then have high competitiveness and independecy.  The impact will be in form of increasing income and then better liveshood.        However, coffee world must act not only as income generating activities but also as part of earth conservation.  Ecoscofas coffee is NSCF’s goal and value.  Through advocacy to certain stakeholder and training to coffee growers and coffee entrepreneurs, NSCF has been implementing and will continuously implement the concept of Ecoscofas Coffee.   NSCF has achieved some progress such as Signing MoU with Government .  NSCF will increase its achievement.  NSCF will stimulate of esta

Higher Coffee Bean Price by Insane Idea?

Higher Coffee Bean Price by Insane Idea? Must and will coffee price climb higher and higher? How? The following explanations are the aswer. All coffee stakeholders i.e coffee traders, roasters, marketers, cafĂ©, resto, retailers, bank, barista, gourmet,  government, exporters, coffee users, coffee lovers etc can receive advantages from coffee word.  But, what will happen if coffee growers substitute their coffee plant by different commodities? It has happened in large areas at us. Many coffee growers has substituted their coffee plant by other commodities such as rubber tree and oil palm.            The coffee bean price has hit the history price, and will likely climb higher and higher.  Why? The answer is seeked in “supply-demand law”.  Whenever supply is less than demand, the price will go up.  This is a classic economic law, and is true. Why demand is more than supply?  The answer: 1.  The supply decreases while demand is st

Coffee cake

Coffee Cake My beloved wife always make coffee cake on my birthday September 16 th.   It has been happening since marriage year in 1991.  One day, I asked her why she made the coffee cake for me on my birthday, and how she came to conclusion that I like coffee cake.  I asked it because I have never told her that I like coffee cake.  Then, she answered  “Honey, it’s because you  like to drink coffee , and you like to eat cake.  I thought it must be  a good idea if I make coffee cake for your birthday celeberation because my best present must be something that you like it very much”. My wife define “coffee cake is cake with strong taste and aroma of coffee”.   My wife makes 3 different types of caffee cake:   Black Coffee Cake Rice (BCCR): Basic  coffee cake recipe  900 g pulverize rice + 100 gram coffee powder,  Black Coffee Cake Wheat (BCCW): Basic coffee cake recipe  1,200 g wheat flour + 100 gram coffee powder, and  Cake L

Ecoscofas Coffee

Ecoscofas Coffee Do you know that coffee can save the world? Coffee can deliver its best dedication to human being and the earth as well. You, me us and them are members and stakeholders of coffee world. Have you ever imagined that one small effort of yours can cause a terrific positive impact? Ecoscofas is the answer. Why? The following are explainations.    Ecoscofas is the abreviation of Ecofriendly and Sustainable Coffee Farming and Trading System.  The entire is named as Ecoscofas Coffee. Ecoscofas Coffee back ground: There is existing strong image that coffee world is merely intended to be income generating activities without preventing on abiotic and biotic environment degradation. Based on that image, the coffee price on farmers level is too low.  For example, the trade systems don't take the land investation on account.  The current price level cannot give improvement on livehoods of coffee growers.  Remember that current price of 1 (one) kilogram o

CSE - Creating Sustainable Earth

CSE-Creating Sustainable Earth Happy Earth Day to all of us  !          Let's celeberate the Earth Day April 22nd, 2011.  We celeberate because we all have done something to save our earth, the only earth in the universum.           However right after celeberating, we need to do more and more to save the earth because  the  most dangerous threats are still existing and becoming bigger and bigger  which are increasing  of CO2 (carbondioxide) production, deforestation, de-coral,  and number of poor people.             We need to work hand in hand to create sustainable earth by implementing the following programms: 1. Improving livehoods 2. Conserving ecosystem and biodiversity (ecobiodiversity) 3. Stopping war and social conflics.           We can do it, can't we?   Dear friends, what are your opinions? We NSCF-North Sumatera Coffee Forum create ecofriendly and sustainable coffee farming and trading system ( Ecoscofas ) that improves livehoods  and ec

Luwak (Civet) Coffee to Sell

Luwak  (Civet) Coffee to Sell *** What is Civet Coffee? You must have ever heard Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak. You also must have ever drunk it, otherwise try to drink it. What is Kopi Luwak? Kopi Luwak is Indonesian word. Translation is Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee. How is it produced? Animal called civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites) eat the red coffee fruits for fleshy part of fruit (mesocarp), and then swallow it. In the civet stomach, enzyme penetrate the coffee bean in order to make peptide shorter and to free amino acids. The shape of coffee bean is maintened. The coffee beans come out the civet stomach in form of compact aggregation, not in each bean separately. These aggregate will then be gathered by people, washed, dried under sunligt, hulled, roasted and made in form of powder (ground coffee). *** What is PEABERRY Civet Coffee? PEABERRY Civet Coffee is peaberry that produced by civet (luwak). Peaberry is very special not only becaus

Coffee Productivity and GAP or SOP

Coffee Productivity and GAP or SOP The productivity can be increased  twice or more by using of Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) or Standar Operating Procedure (SOP) on coffee agriculture.  In some areas coffee growers do it, but in other areas not yet.   The components of GAP or SOP are basicly : (1) use good and true seed, (2) create optimal condition, (3) supply enough nutrient,  (4) protect from pest and desease, and (5) harvest fruits in good manner .       This is our duty to train coffee growers on GAP and SOP.   The impact are not only increase of coffee growers and coffee entrepreneurs welfare but also reduction of global warming and conservation of biodiversity, as well as the supply can be maintained sufficiently which can bring coffee price into good level for all coffee lovers and coffee stakeholders. The following are the productivity of  coffee bean Arabica (A) and Robusta (R) in several countries.   1. Costa Rica

5 Biggest Coffee Producers

 5 Biggest Coffee Producers . World production of green bean coffee (Arabica = A and Robusta = R) increased 9.28% from 7,384,000 ton in year 2009 to 8,070,000 ton in 2010. Among coffee producers, five biggest countries were Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbian and Ethiopia (in decrease order). Green bean production of Brazil (A/R) increased 21.85% from 2,368.000 ton (2009) to 2,886,000 ton. Vietnam (R) : decrease -1.10%, from 1,092,000 ton (2009) to 1,080,000 ton (2010). Indonesia (R/A) : decrease -16.52, from 683,000 ton (2009) to 570,000 ton (2010). Columbia (A) : increased 11.14%, from 486,000 ton (2009) to 540,000 ton (2010). Ethiopia (A): increased   7.49%, from 416,000 ton (2009) to 447,000 ton (2010). To the total world production of year 2010, Brazil contributed 35.76%, Vietnam 13.38%, Indonesia 7.06%, Columbia 6.69% and Ethiopia 5.54%. Of its production in year 2010, Brazil exported 1,981,000 ton (68.63%), Vietnam 900,000 ton (83.35%),

NSCF signed MoU with Regent Pakpak Bharat Government

NSCF signed MoU with Regent Pakpak Bharat Government Regent of Pakpak Bharat Mr. Remigo Yolando Berutu MBA and Chairman of  NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum . Dr. Sabam Malau signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Mr. Remigo Yolando Berutu, MBA is the Regent ( Bupati, Indonesian ) of Government of Pakpak Bharat Regency. He was elected by volks in year 2010 and leads the government until 2015. He is a very energetic and open-minded man. He studied for Bachelor Degree in Jakarta at Trisakti University and for MBA Degree in Australia at an australian university.     (Photo : (Left) Mr. Remigo Yolando Berutu, MBA signing the MoU; (Right) Dr. Sabam Malau) Remigo and Sabam will cooperate to develop coffee in Pakpak Bharat Regency. We will develop the ecofriendly and sustainable coffee farming and trading system ( Ecoscofas ) as well as entrepreneurship in coffee business. Can we increase volk welfare by increasing their income with -at the same time- contributing