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Pemain Terbaik Piala Dunia 2018 ini_1_Best Players of World Cup


Coffee World Changed by Leadership

Coffee World Changed by Leadership Do you ever think that you are capable of creating a better coffee world? If you said "NO, and NO", then you must say now "YES and YES".  Did you ever imagine that you were a real leader in coffee world and could change the coffee world? If you said "NO, NO and NO", then now you must say "YES, YES and YES". But, how? The following are the answer. Although you now don't have followers yet, but you can be a real leader. No one doubt about it simply because your way can be followed by others.  In this case, you are a leader. Photo: Dr. Sabam Malau with Chairman and Member of Pro-Agribusiness Alliance of Pakpak Bharat Regency. On this discussion, we finalized the program action to establish rabbit husbandry that produces organic fertilizers used for important type of plants such as coffee plant. The husbandry has been operating since July 2011.  Coffee world must be changed and can

NSCF discussed with U.S Officers

NSCF discussed with U.S Officers Do you know how important Indonesia for the USA is, and viceversa? Meredith L. Champlin informed that Indonesia is one of the first priorities of President Obama’s program through comprehensive partnership program. Anthony C. Woods is happy with NSCF’s programs which afford to increase welfare of coffee growers and coffee value chain, and will do whatever he can do to support the NSCF’s program for the sake of people welfare. Palindungan Purba explained also that North Sumatera Province has huge clean energy resources that must be interesting to investors from the USA. Sabam Malau revealed that NSCF pays great attention on coffee in North Sumatera because coffee value chain is responsible for life of more than 250,000 people in North Sumatera Province of Indonesia. They are coffee growers, coffee collectors and traders,  coffee roasters, coffee workers at coffee industries and coffee exporters, and c