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Training of Organic Coffee and Coffee Entrepreneurship

Training of Organic Coffee and Coffee Entrepreneurship  (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia   Pelatihan Kopi Organik dan Kewirausahaan Kopi ) Community Development Department of HKBP lead by Rev Rein Justin Gultom held “Training of Organic Coffee and Coffee Entrepreneurship” attended by 40 coffee farmers from villages Sipitu Huta, Panudmaan and Immanuel Village at Humbang Hasundutan Regency at North Sumatra Province of Indonesia on March 17-18, 2014 at HKBP Immanuel lead by Rev Harris TH Sitorus STh MM.   The trainees were very enthusiastic in doing coffee organic agriculture and decided to establich a Coffee Organic Business.  I,  Sabam Malau, inspired the trainees about Organic Coffee and Coffee Entrepreneurship.  I become their strategic partner.  I gave t the trainess also scissors,  polibags, seed and seeding of Lamtoro PG79 trees.   Scissors will be used to prune and cut unimportant branches of coffee plant.  Lamtoro PG79 is shade trees for coffee, source of organic fertiliz