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Funders of NSCF

Do you know the terrific importances of coffee for the human being and the earth? Coffee is very important for lifes of hundreds of millions of people in the world as well as for hundreds of thousands citizens of North Sumatera Province of Indonesia. Coffee is needed everyday by hundreds of millions of people in the world. Coffee is the second most thing in the world after fuel. Hence, coffee must be survive under any circumtances and problems. To make coffee always available in the future, some efforts are urgently needed. Shortly speaking, current way of handling must be renewed and fundamentally change.  That are the reasons why NSCF - North Sumatera Coffee Forum creates, implements and shares the Ecoscofas. Ecoscofas is the vision, value and goal. Ecoscofas is Ecofriendly and Sustainable Coffee Farming and Trading System. NSCF builds coffee farmer and coffee entrepreneur capabilities by using Good Agriculture Practice principles. 
Photo of a healthy coffee plant bearing healthy fruits. (Photo taken by NSCF Chairman Dr. Sabam Malau)

NSCF’s office  locates in Medan, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. NSCG is a civil society organization, non government organization (NGO). Ecoscofas (Ecofriendly and Sustainable Coffee Farming and Trading System) is the value of NSCF.  NSCF’s mission is to promote coffee and to increase sustainability of quality and quantity of coffee production through creative coffee value chain. NSCF’s activities can be in form of consultancy, expo, promoting, research, workshop, seminar, training, teaching, co-worker, facilitating, etc. NSCF provides also facilitation and technical assistance to coffee growers, collectors and processors.
The impact will be :
(1) increasing the welfare of coffee farmers,
(2) contributing to decreasing global warming,
(3) increasing the biodiversity ,
(4) increasing sustainability of coffee by increasing quality and quantity of production.

We understand that local, regencial, provincial and central government doesn't have enough money to do all in order to overcome all coffee problems. One of those problems is coffee berry borer infection. And, we know also that coffee farmers are poor and having no knowledge to fight coffee berry borer (CBB). CBB is the most destructive pest in the world. You can read in Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei how dangerous CBB is. CBB can reduces coffee bean production by 92%.

Members of NSCF provide funds. However, NSCF's fund is not enough to fight such big problems of coffee. That's why NSCF tries to search donors who are emphaty on this situation. Donors' name will be announced here right on this site.

The amount of your donation surely depends on you. You may donate (in Dollar or Rupiah) US$ 10 or 20 or 30 or 50, or 100 or 1,000 or more than it. And, we can also receive your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fund. Funder or donator can be person or group or company. A funder can donate less than or more than that amount, it depends on donator him/her self. Donators will receive report regularly, if donators need it.

Funders or Donators of NSCF are:
2. Dr. Sabam Malau
3. Ir. Hilderia Saragi
4. USAID (United States Agency for International Development)
5. PT Volkopi Indonesia
6. Who else?

       If you like, you will then be the next Funders/Donators of NSCF. The NSCF Chairman had opened an account for NSCF at Bank Mandiri. Please transfer or send the fund to the following account number:

Owner’s name: Dr.Ir. Sabam Malau
Account Number: 106-00-0978768-3
Bank Name: Bank Mandiri
Branch: KOP Medan Lapangan Merdeka 10601

       Last but not least. If yo need to do coffee researh or coffee survey in Indonesia, we are available to cooperate with you. For farther information, don't hesitae to contact NSCF Chairman Dr. Sabam Malau on email or HP +62 (0) 812-606-2016.

Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman

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Ecoscofas Coffee

Ecoscofas Coffee

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Ecoscofas Coffee back ground: There is existing strong image that coffee world is merely intended to be income generating activities without preventing on abiotic and biotic environment degradation.Based on that image, the coffee price on farmers level is too low.  For example, the trade systems don't take the land investation on account.  The current price level cannot give improvement on livehoods of coffee growers.  Remember that current price of 1 (one) kilogram of coffee bean  at coffee gr…

Terjadi Doktorisasi di Nommensen

Terjadi Doktorisasi di Nommensen Medan.  Kualitas, keberlanjutan, dan berkat (Quality, Sutainability, and Blessing, disingkat QSB) merupakan tiga kata kunci (keywords) program pengembangan Nommensen. Kualitas diciptakan melalui - antara lain, penyekolahn dosen ke program Doktor (S3).  Dosen Nommensen bergelar Doktor sebanyak 49 orang (di dalam daftar 44 orang). Dosen Nommensen yang  sedang kuliah di program doktor berjumlah 58 orang (di dalam daftar 63 orang).  Itu data per akhir Mei 2018.  Sebahagian diantaranya sudah bergelar Professor. Pada saat ini (per Juni 2018),  30 orang dosen sedang mengikuti proses seleksi ke program doktor di berbagai universitas di dalam dan di luar negeri. Universitas HKBP Nommensen atau UHN atau Nommensen Medan terus menerus meningkatkan mutu dosennya melalui penyekolahan dosen ke program doktor.  Singkatnya, terjadi pen-doktor-an dosen (Doktorisasi) di Nommensen Medan.  Mari kuliah di Nommensen Medan.

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00. Akreditasi Universitas HKBP Nommensen Medan

Sertifikat Akreditasi Universitas HKBP Nommensen, Medan. Terakreditasi B. 

Sertifikat Akreditasi:

00. SertifikatAkreditasi Universitas HKBP Nommensen, Medan. 01.  SertifikatAkreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Akuntasi 02.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Manajemen 03.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Ekonomi Pembangunan 04.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Administrasi Perpajakan 05.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Administrasi Bisnis 06.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Administrasi Negara 07.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Agroekoteknologi 08.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Agribisnis 09.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Teknologi Hasil Pertanian 10.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Peternakan 11.  Sertifikat Akreditasi Program Studi (Prodi) Ilmu Hukum 12.

Q Grader of Coffee Bean

Q Grader of  Coffee Bean

Certificate of Completion of the 3rd Indonesian Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee 7-12 November 2011 at Kopi Bali House, Sanur, Bali was awarded to me and my friends by Rocky Rhodes, and he said “Congratulation” to us. The Certificate was signed by Ted Lingle (Executive Director of Coffee Quality Insttute, CQI, USA) and Rocky Rhodes (Principal Instructor of International Coffee Consulting, ICC, USA). Photo 1. Rocky Rhodes gave Certificate of Completion of Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee to Dr. Sabam Malau (right) 
What is Q-Grader Course? The following is written on the Certificate of Completion of the Q-Grader Course: “In recognition of completing the curriculum of cupping training designed to teach the basic sensory skills and expertise required in the evaluation of coffee through standardized methods of cupping and grading established by the Technical Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, this certificate has been duly earned by…

Alumni FE Nommensen termasuk orang terkaya di Indonesia

Hebatkah alumninya? Hebat. Sangat hebat. Tentu mereka bisa sangat hebat karena mahasiswanya hebat, dosen-dosennya hebat, dan sistem pembelajarannya hebat. Alumni FE UHN berkiprah di seluruh sektor kehidupan. Banyak diantara mereka bekerja sebagai PNS, TNI, POLRI, anggota DPR/DPRD, Bupati/Wabup, Walikota, Dosen, dan Staf Perusahaan.  Malah sangat banyak alumninya menjadi pengusaha sukses.  Salah satu alumni FE UHN adalah salah satu orang terkaya di Indonesia yakni Pak Martua Sitorus. Beliau menyumbang Gedung Fakultas Kedokteran Nommensen senilai Rp. 12 Milyar.  Itulah Fakultas Ekonomi (FE) Universitas HKBP Nommensen atau FE UHN atau FE Nommensen Medan yang berdiri pada tahun 1954.  Bravo FE Nommensen.  Seluruh program studinya terakreditasi B.  Mari kuliah di FE UHN.

Terima kasih bahwa Anda berkenan membagikan (share) laman (website) ini.
Salam Pro Deo et Patria,

Dr. Agr. Sc. Ir. Sabam Malau
Juni 2018

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UANG Kembali SEMUA, peroleh Sertifikat TOEFL.

Uang Kembali 100%, Anda peroleh Sertifikat TOEFL. Begini caranya.
Terhitung mulai tahun 2018 PELAKSANAAN KELAS BARU Kursus TOEFL & PERSIAPAN BEASISWA TAIWAN & LPDP di Universitas HKBP Nommensen (UHN) Medan .... DIBUKA SETIAP HARI ...!!!SEHINGGA Para Peserta menikmati SISTEM BELAJAR PRIVATE dengan TUTOR secara Face to Face dalam membahas soal-soal TOEFL secara TUNTAS.
DOWNLOAD Formulir di 
Ayo segera daftar ...!!! Hanya Rp. 100.000 (Seratus Ribu), Berlaku Sistem Deposit Untuk Internal UHN dan HKBP (Uang Kembali 100%, Rp.100.000 bila tidak pernah absen), dan Non-Deposit Untuk Umum (Luar UHN dan Non-HKBP).

Mengapa Memilih Kursus TOEFL di UHN:
• Universitas Swasta di Sumatera Utara yang alumninya PALING BANYAK meraih Beasiswa LPDP.
• Tenaga Pengajar adalah Lulusan Dalam dan Luar Negeri yang berpengalaman dalam mengajar TOEFL
• Tenaga Pengajar dievalusi langsung oleh peserta kursus setiap 4x pertemuan. Bila grade pengajar tidak mencapai 80 maka tenaga pengajar langsung diganti …

30--Perusahaan Asuransi

Asuransi (insurance) itu penting. Dalam hidup ini banyak kejadian yang bisa merugikan kita seperti kecelakan kerja, kecelakan transportasi, sakit, pencurian, kebakaran, kehilangan pekerjaan, dan penipuan.  Kita pasti tidak menginginkan kerugian tersebut.  Tetapi, bila itu terjadi, asuransi akan menangggung kerugian kita.  Ada asuransi jiwa, asuransi sosial, asuransi umum, ada asuransi wajib.  Berikut ini daftar perusahan asuransi yang dirilis Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). 

Berikut ini beberapa contoh perusahaan asuransi.

Daftar Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa, klik 12345678.
Daftar Perusahan Asuransi Sosial 1.
Daftar Perusahaan Asuransi Umum 12345678910.
Daftar Perusahaan Asuransi Wajib 1.
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12. Akreditasi Prodi Teknik Sipil, Nommensen, Medan

Alumni Nommensen-kerja di bank, rumah sakit, asuransi, pegawai negeri, perusahaan umum

Melamar kerja di bank, rumah sakit, asuransi, pegawai negeri, perusahaan umum, dan membuka lapangan pekerjaan sudah bisa dilakukan sesaat setelah acara wisuda di Nommensen.  Orang tua, pacar, dan calon mertua juga sangat gembira sebab Ijazah asli, transkrip asli, dan fotokopinya yang dilegalisir langsung diserahkan pada saat acara wisuda di Universitas HKBP Nommensen (UHN) Medan.

Mari kuliah di UHN Medan. Di Nommensen, biaya pendidikan itu wajar/terjangkau. Di Nommensen, Nommensen terakreditasi B, dan semua Program Studi terakreditasi B. Di Nommensen, ada Fakultas Kedokteran. Terakreditasi B. Hanya universitas yang hebatyang punya Fakultas Kedokteran. Di Nommensen, Rektornya sangat akrab dengan mahasiswanya alias Rektor zaman NOW (dalam arti positif).

Nommensen is a vision-driven university.
Nommensen Goes International.
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Sertifikat Akreditasi:

00. Sertifikat Akreditasi Universitas HKBP Nommensen, Medan. 01.  S…