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Vice Regent of Samosir and Chairman of NSCF to Develop Coffee

Vice Regent of Samosir and Chairman of NSCF to Develop Coffee
“Coffee is an integral part of tourism in Samosir Regency”, said Vice Regent Mangadap Sinaga in a meeting between NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum and Government of Samosir Regency of North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. 
  Photo 1: (front, left to right) Darwin L. Harianja, TF Simbolon, Bharaty, Mangadap Sinaga, Sabam Malau, Arman Ginting, M. Sinaga (background, left to right) G. Simanjorang, Vera Brahmana, Denny Indra Simangunsong, H. Simarmata, H. Hutauruk, M. Malau,  K. Sirait, H. Sagala.

The meeting was held on 22 August 2011 in the Regent Office Hall in Rianiate Village, Pangururan Subregency. Attendees from NSCF were Sabam Malau (Chairman) and TF Simbolon (Member), and from USAID AMARTA Bharaty (RACA Coordinator), Arman Ginting, Denny Indra Simangunsong, Vera Brahmana and Nina, and from Samosir Government Mangadap Sinaga, H. Simarmata, Darwin L. Harianja, H. Hutauruk, M. Malau, K. Sirait, etc.  Around 25 attendees were in the meeting. The meeting were very fruitful in which took place sharing of information, discussion, and agreement. Vice Regent and his officers revealed vision, significance of coffee, and current problem of coffee. Sabam Malau explained the vision, missions and activity of NSCF (click here NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum), as well as current problems of coffee in Samosir based on the survey conducted by NSCF in Samosir Regency. Sabam Malau proposed some solutions to make a better coffee in Samosir Regency. Bharaty revealed the RACA program in USAID AMARTA project in North Sumatra. Arman Ginting told about AMARTA activities in Simalungun, Pakpak Bharat, Karo and Deli Serdang.  
Photo 2: Traditional House of Samosir Regency. 
(a) Right: the original or pure traditional house with unique door; you have to bow to enter the house; (b) Left: the door has been modified. In front of the house, you can see a very old woman, 80 years old, a coffee grower, was preparing firegrass for cooking. Bataknese women are hard working women. (Photo was taken on 22 August 2011 on Samosir Island. The houses locates precisely at the beach of  Lake Toba in Samosir Island).

Mangadap Sinaga and his officers and staffs informed many strategic and useful information as followings. Vision is to be tourism regency. Samosir regency has the most beautiful and largest lake on the world. However, 75% of the land locates in slope area which cannot be cultivated intensively. For this area coffee must be the promising solution. Coffee will be integral part of tourism. Nowadays, coffee growers are 5,100 households. Coffee plants covers 2,900 hectares with production in amount of 2,600 tons of coffee bean per year mostly Arabica coffee. Abundant of uncultivated area -thousands of hectares- are still available for coffee. Samosir regency is an ideal land for Arabica coffee because it locates on 900-1600 meter above sea level. Hence, the Samosir Regency area is very suitable for commercial and specialty coffee. Taste and aroma of Samosir coffee belongs to world’s best coffee. Samosir coffee are sold solely in form of bean. Government has plans such as to increase production and productivity, to increase coffee area, to stimulate coffee industry.  Samosir government invites coffee investors.  

Photo 3: Sabam Malau standing on coffee field at the edge of Lake Toba of Samosir Regency of North Sumatra of Indonesa. Toba Lake is the largest and most beautiful world's lake.

Amids the discussion, NSCF Chairman Sabam Malau revealed coffee situation in Samosir Regency due to existing attacts of coffee berry borer (CBB) in Samosir Regency. Sabam Malau presented data of his survey in Samosir Regency (Click here Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei). Based on the data, Sabam Malau suggested to Vice Regent that action programs against CBB have to be decided immediately. Sabam Malau added that NSCF is available to help.

Photo 4: (front, left to right) TF Simbolon, Sabam Malau, Bharaty, M. Malau, Darwin L. Harianja; (background, left to right) Nina, Arman Ginting, Denny Indra Simangunsong.

Sabam Malau and Mangadap Sinaga agreed and decided to work closely in which NSCF will educate the coffee growers by implementing NSCF’s Good Agricultural Practice in Coffee (Click here Good Agriculture Practice in Coffee Field ). Entry point will be the eradication of CBB. The first activity will be held in Pangururan on 22 September 2011 in which NSCF will give presentation to around 100 coffee growers and stakeholders. The goal is to awake the awareness of coffee stakeholders about the danger of CBB. NSCF and Samosir Government will facilitate the meeting. NSCF will be donated by USAID for the gathering.

Thanks.  Kind regards.

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau
NSCF Chairman