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Medical students passed an A grade.

"Medical students passed an A grade", said Forensic Expert dr Surjit Singh, SpF, DFM. He is the Head of Forensic Medicine Installation and Mediko-Legal Regional General Hospital (RSUD) dr Pirngadi Medan. He completed the Diploma of Forensic Medicine in the Netherlands. He was appointed Head of Port Health Office (KKP) Pontianak in 1992. He is a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Nommensen HKBP University (NHU) Medan. 

He informed that 4 students of the Faculty of Medicine Nommensen who followed Co Ass at SMF Forensic Pringadi passed post test with A grade.  The students were Sri Rezeki Pasaribu (NPM 17010006), Febri Silvia Dabukke (NPM 1701009), Tia Alviani Juwita (NPM 17010019) , and Vip Santrywani Damanik (NPM 17010028).

Dean of FK UHN Prof. dr. Bistok Saing SpA (K) is very proud of the achievement of  these students and appreciate dr Surjit Singh, SpF, DFM.

Congratulations to the students. We are proud of our students. We thank Dr. dr Surjit Singh, SpF, DFM.

Nommensen HKBP University accredited B.
Study Program Physician (Doctor) Education accredited  B.

Study Program Physician (Doctor) Professional accredited B.


Dr. sc. agr. Ir. Sabam Malau
Rector NHU