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Part 3: Hacienda La Minita, PT Volkopi Indonesia and North Sumatra Coffee Forum

Part 3: Hacienda La Minita, PT Volkopi Indonesia and North Sumatra Coffee Forum

Drew Zent (USA Nationality) is a Senior Manager at Hacienda La Minita which sells the famous coffee named “La Minita Coffee”. Hacienda La Minita business office locates in San Jose in Costa Rica, and Bar Harbor, Maine in the United States of America. Hacienda La Minita is an unique and complete company which has activities from growing coffee trees, to roasting  and trading coffee. Hacienda La Minita has a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, as well as roster and merchant facilities in the USA. The company grows very well, and now it’s trading volume is very big.

Photo 3: Drew Zent (left) and Sabik Galindo (right) at cupping session at PT Volkopi Indonesia in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia on Saturday 10 Deccember 2011. 

Michael Lutz (Switzerland Nationality) is General Manager and Sabik Galindo (Colombia Nationality) is Production Manager, and Wahyu (Indonesian) Is Quality Manager of PT Volkopi Indonesia locating at Jalan Pelajar Timur Gang Sempurna 15 Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.  PT Volkopi Indonesia belongs to the VOLCAFE Group, the Coffee Division of ED & F MAN which is one of the world’s leading coffee merchants. The Head Office of ED & F MAN’s coffee business is in Winterthur Switzerland. PT Volkopi Indonesia is one of the biggest exporters of coffee at North Sumatra Province of Indonesia.

Sabam Malau is Chairman of NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum. NSCF’s office  locates in Medan,  is a civil society organization, non government organization (NGO). Ecoscofas (Ecofriendly and Sustainable Coffee Farming and Trading System) is the value of NSCF.  NSCF’s mission is to promote coffee and to increase sustainability of quality and quantity of coffee production through creative coffee value chain. NSCF’s activities can be in form of consultancy, expo, promoting, research, workshop, seminar, training, teaching, co-worker, facilitating, etc. NSCF provides also facilitation and technical assistance to coffee growers, collectors and processors.  Further information about NSCF please click page NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum.

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