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Mother Teresa's rule......

Direct beneficieries will be 9,500 coffee farmers, collectors and processors while indirect beneficieries will be millions of coffee lovers or coffee drinkers as well as hundreds of coffee exporters/importers.

Your donation will be used to promote coffee and to increase sustainability of quality and quantity of coffee production through creative coffee value chain. 

The amount of your donation surely depends on you. You may donate (in US Dollar or Rupiah/IDR) US$ 10 or 20 or 30 or 50, or 100 or 1,000 or more than it. And, we can also receive your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fund. Funder or donator can be person or group or company. A funder can donate less than or more than that amount, it depends on donator him/her self. Donators will receive report regularly, if donators need it.

The NSCF Chairman had opened an account for NSCF at Bank Mandiri. Please transfer or send the fund to the following account number:

Owner’s name: Dr.Ir. Sabam Malau
Account Number: 106-00-0978768-3
Bank Name: Bank Mandiri
Branch: KOP Medan Lapangan Merdeka 10601

Last but not least. If yo need to do coffee research or coffee survey in Indonesia, we are available to cooperate with you. You can also put your advertisement here.

For farther information, don't hesitae to contact NSCF Chairman Dr. Sabam Malau on email 
or HP +62 (0) 812-606-2016.

In order to help NSCF financially, I donate the profit of Goldenways Coffee -my business in coffee selling-  (Click Coffee to Sell and Luwak (Civet) Coffee to Sell)

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Thank you.
Kind regards,

Dr. Sabam Malau
-      NSCF Chairman
-      Licensed Q Grader