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Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters and Goldenways Coffee Members of World Coffee Research

Batdorf  & Bronson Coffee Roasters and Goldenways Coffee Members of World Coffee Research

Batdorf  &  Bronson Coffee Roasters, Olympia, Washington and Goldenways Coffee, Indonesia, have joined World Coffee Research (WCR) as members.  They supported the WCR activities to make healthy and sustainable future of coffee growing in all coffee area including green mountain coffee area.  Let's contact and visit them. 

Recently, WCR also has signed Memoranda of Understandings with governmental institution of Peru, Mexico and India i.e INECOL Mexico Central Coffee Research Institute in India, and the Junta Nacional del Café and Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego de Perú.  The institutios will be supporting among others the IMLVT  (International Multi-Location Variety Trial).

World Coffee Research members and partners are and will not be only Coffee Researches but also  coffee shop, Coffee cafe, coffee house, coffee industries, coffee traders, coffee exporters, coffee manufactures, coffee espresso machine makers, coffee plantation management team, coffee and espresso makers, blue coffee bean sellers, coffee bean producers,  coffee cake makers, coffee furniture industry, coffee house, coffee makers machine, coffee mug producers, coffee roaster manufacturers, coffee room designers, coffee set table industry, coffee shop business, coffee shop designer, coffee bean storage containers sellers, coffee shop coffee candy industry, coffee shop restaurant, coffee shop supplies, coffee shop video producers, coffee tea shop, cuisinart coffee maker, cup coffee maker, espresso coffee machine, espresso coffee makers, filter coffee makers, franchise coffee shop industries, glass coffee table manufactures, green grader coffee machine makers, grinder coffee industry, home coffee makers, keurig coffee, kitchen coffee, pods coffee maker, q grader coffee, small coffee makers, specialty coffee society, wholesale coffee shop chairs sellers.  As cofffe roasters, we all can support the WCR activities if we can make money sufficiently through using best coffee roaster produced by coffee machine manufactures. Even from home let's make big money, earn big money.

Based on information from World Coffee Research, the companies and organizations as members of  WCR are:
Allegro Coffee Company, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, Bontain Coffee, Brewed Behavior, Bunn-o-matic, Cackalacky Coffee Roasters, Community Coffee Company, Counter Culture Coffee, Dunn Bros Coffee, Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation Ltd., Fair Trade USA, Farmer Brothers/Coffee Bean International, Fres-co System USA, Inc., Goldenways Coffee, Illy Café, Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea, InterAmerican Coffee, Java City, Keurig Green Mountain Inc., Kyokuto Fadie Co., Ltd., La Marzocco International, LLC, Mars Drinks, Mikatajuku, Nuova Simonelli, OLAM Americas, Old City Coffee, Orsir Coffee Co., Ltd., Pacific Espresso, P&A International Marketing, Paragon Coffee, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Pinhalense, Probat, RGC, Royal Cup Coffee, Salt Spring Coffee, Saza Coffee, S&D Coffee Roasters, Songer & Associates Inc., Specialty Coffee Association of America, Specialty Coffee Association of Japan, Sweet Maria’s Coffee, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company, Inc., Terarosa (Haksan Co Ltd), The J.M. Smucker Company, Toa Coffee Co. Ltd., Tony’s Coffees and Teas, Transcend Coffee, UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, Wilbur Curtis.

Research Institutions as partners for WCR are: ACO The African Coffee Organization/ Research and Development, ACRN African Coffee Research Network which includes all African Coffee Research Institutions, APLU American Public Land Grant Colleges and Universities, ANACAFE and other LA producing country producer and/or research institutions, Brazilian Coffee Research Consortium: EMBRAPA CAFÉ and 10 other Brazilian coffee research institutions, CABI – Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International, CATIE – Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center, CIAT – International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIRAD –French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, Global Coffee Review (WCR Media Partner), Hawaii Coffee Research and Breeding, ICCRI Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute, IITA- Agricultural Research for Development in Africa, Indian Coffee Board Research and Development, KCRF Kenyan Coffee Research Foundation, Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego de Perú, PROMECAFE – Regional Cooperative Program for the Technical Development and Modernization of Coffee-culture, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, USDA Coffee Research Program

Affiliated Organizations for WCR are:
ACE Alliance for Coffee Excellence-Sensory data, CQI Coffee Quality Institute-Quality extension, EAFCA East African Fine Coffee Association-Collaborator, ICO International Coffee Organization-Endorsement, NCA National Coffee Association-Endorsement, SCAA Specialty Coffee Association of America-Genesis partner, SCAJ Specialty Coffee Association of Japan-Partner, SCAE Specialty Coffee Association of Europe-Collaborator.

Management Entity of WCR: Dr. Schilling (the Executive Director), Dr. Lombardini (Deputy Director Institute and the AGETC program), Siaska Castro (Administration and Finance Director), Najat Marden (handling financial-related matters), Emma Bladyka (Industry Liaison), Jennifer Rumford (Communications Coordinator). 
Board of Directors of WCR: Executive Members: Ms. Lindsey Bolger (WCR Board Chairperson, Green Mountain Coffee), Mr. Brett Smith (Vice Chairperson and Secretary, Counter Culture Coffee), Mr. Shawn Hamilton (WCR Treasurer, Java City), Mr. Ric Rhinehart (Executive Director, Specialty Coffee Association). ** Board Members of WCR: Ms. Tracy Ging (Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, S&D Coffee and Tea, Inc.), Mr. Nigel Hargraves (Value Chain & Industrial Engineering Director – Mars Drinks), Mr. Kevin Jackson (Vice President and General Manager, The J.M. Smucker Company), Mr. Mike Keown (President and Chief Executive Officer, Farmer Brothers/Coffee Bean International), Mr. Sugi Liverani Furio(Director of Research, illycaffè s.p.a), Mr. Steve Macatonia (Co-Director, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee), Mr. Ben Pitts (Vice President of Food Service and Hospitality,Royal Cup Coffee), Mr. Matt Saurage (Chairman of the Board Community Coffee Company), Ms. Christy Thorns (Allegro Coffee), Mr. Doug Welsh (Peet’s Coffee & Tea).
Ex-Officio Members of WCR: Dr. Tim Schilling (WCR Executive Director), Dr. Vincent Pétiard (WCR Technical Advisory Committee Chairman), Murray Ross, Mr. Murray Ross Zephyr Green Coffee.
Former Board Members of WCR: Mr. Patrick Criteser (Founding Chairperson).
Technical Advisory Committee of WCR:  Dr. Bayetta Bellachew,  Mr. Adolfo Boppel Jr, Dr. Benoît Bertrand, Dr. Carlos Henrique Carvalho, Dr. Aaron Davis, Dr. Armando Garcia, Dr. Huver Posada, Dr. Joseph Kimemia, Dr. Surip Mawardi, Dr. Luciano Navarini, Dr. Vincent Petiard, Mr. Ronald Peters, Dr. Nayani Surya Prakash, Dr. Eduardo Somarriba, Dr. Timothy Schilling, Dr. Fernando Vega.

Industry Advisory Committee of WCR: Jorge Cuevas, Sustainable Harvest, Jordan Hooper- LD-Zephyr, Konrad Britt – Falcon Trading, Tim Hill- Counter Culture Coffee, Mike McKim-Cuvee, Chris Jordan – Verve Coffee Roasters, Iliana Martinez – Coope Esquipulas, Price Peterson – Hacienda Laq Esmeralda, Arnoldo Leiva- Coffee Source, Costa Rica, Eric Poncon-ECOM, Costa Rica/Nicaragua, Felipe Isaza – Coffee Resources, Colombia, Hidetaka Hayashi – SCAJ, Michael Sheridan, CRS, Chad Trewick – RFA Consultant.
Long life WCR !

Coffee regards, C Sign.
Thanks.  Kind regards.

Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau

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German Reverend Martin Ahlhaus and Dr. Kai Hortsmann
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N57 Method to Eradicate Coffee Berry Borer

N57 Method to Eradicate Coffee Berry Borer

“First of all, you have to know life of Coffee Berry Borer, then you can defeat it”, said Dr. Sabam Malau in front of hundreds of people in a workshop. "Don't give chance to Coffee Berry Borer, CBB. CBB is black devil. CBB will destroy your live", he added.
The workshop was held by successful collaboration of NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum with Samosir Regency Government. The workshop was financially facilitated by USAID (United States Agency for International Development). Photo 1: Dr. Sabam Malau, Chairman of North Sumatra Coffee Forum speaking about Coffee Berry Borer
He presented paper titled “CBB Attact and Impact in Samosir Regency”. He explained Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) biology. The origin of CBB is Africa. CBB scientific name is Hypothenemus hampei. CBB is also called Broca and Black Devil. CBB is small black beetle; mature female 1.4-1.8 mm, male 1.2-1.6 mm. Female can fly in short distance, male cannot fly because it has…

NSCF member of 4C Association, Germany

NSCF member of 4C Association, Germany

Dear all,
With happiness and joy, I would like to inform a very good news as following.
On 6 March 2011, 4C Association approved the membership of NSCF - North Sumatera Coffee Forum with ID 50007. The 4C Association, headquarter in Bonn Germany, welcame NSCF. NSCF has been very glad being member of 4C Association. Prior to that, I and Mr. Lars Kahnert, 4C Support Manager Co-Financing, also contacted through emails and teleconference. We discussed many things for better world coffee.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sabam Malau NSCF Chairman Updated:
1. We thank USAID for having paid the membership fee of year 2011 in amount of EUR 100.
2. We also thank USAID for having paid the membership fee of year 2012 in amount of EUR 100.

Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee

I believe in business approach rather than charity approach”, said Thomas Sproten to Sabam Malau in a very friendly atmosphere of conversation.
Photo: Thomas Sproten discussed with Sabam Malau at TIP TOP Restaurant Medan. A coffee toast.
Thomas Sproten, a German, is consultant for JaPPSa which is a network of nine NGOs working in North Sumatra of Indonesia to support the marketing of various agricultural commodities that are preferably grown in an organic or environment-friendly way. Coffee is one of the products that JaPPSa intends to offer to interested buyers. Sabam Malau is Chairman of NSCF-North Sumatra Coffee Forum of Indonesia.

The followings are core of Thomas Sproten’s explaination about background and his duty as consultant of JaPSSa. He loves coffee especially North Sumatran Coffee as one of the world’s best coffee. By using his experience and knowledge, he wants to help JaPPSa in organic market. He knows what organic commodities are, and what the criterion ar…

Q Grader of Coffee Bean

Q Grader of  Coffee Bean

Certificate of Completion of the 3rd Indonesian Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee 7-12 November 2011 at Kopi Bali House, Sanur, Bali was awarded to me and my friends by Rocky Rhodes, and he said “Congratulation” to us. The Certificate was signed by Ted Lingle (Executive Director of Coffee Quality Insttute, CQI, USA) and Rocky Rhodes (Principal Instructor of International Coffee Consulting, ICC, USA). Photo 1. Rocky Rhodes gave Certificate of Completion of Q-Grader Course of Arabica Coffee to Dr. Sabam Malau (right) 
What is Q-Grader Course? The following is written on the Certificate of Completion of the Q-Grader Course: “In recognition of completing the curriculum of cupping training designed to teach the basic sensory skills and expertise required in the evaluation of coffee through standardized methods of cupping and grading established by the Technical Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, this certificate has been duly earned by…

Kopi Costa di Edinburgh, Schotland

Kopi Costa di Edinburgh, Schotland.  Saya dan istri saya mengunjungi Edinburgh untuk menghadiri Wisuda Magister Sains (MSc) anak kami di Edinburgh University pada November 2017.  
Sebagai seorang kopi maniak, pecinta kopi, di setiap kota yang saya kunjungi, saya selalu mencari kopi.  Di Edinburgh, saya meminum kopi Costa yang terkenal.  Saya mencicipinya.  Saya menyukainya.   Saya tiba pada kesimpulan bahwa kopi Costa ini mempunyai profil sebagai berikut. Wangi/Aroma (fragrance/aroma): buah-buahan, Cita rasa (flavor) : enak, Lama rasa (aftertaste): cukup, Keasaman (acidity): sangat rendah, Ketebalan (body): cukup. Keseimbangan (balance): baik, Rasa manis (sweetnes) : pleasent.
Saya bisa memberikan nilai 8 (skala 0-10) bagi kopi ini.
Saya dan istri tercinta saya Ir. Maria Rumondang Sihotang MSi berharap dapat mengunjungi Edinburgh lagi di masa depan.  Edinburgh merupakan kota tua tetapi sekaligus moderen.  Edinburgh mempunyai masyarakatyang ramah.
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Dr. s…

Coffee Exporters

Coffee Exporters
Coffee Exporters and Industries (AEKI) of North Sumatera discussed coffee development in North Sumatera Province, Indonesia. The discussion took place in AEKI office on Tuesday 28 December 2010. Sabam Malau explained that NSCF is a civil society-non profilt oriented organization.  NSCF pays great attention on coffee in North Sumatera because Coffee value chain is responsible for life of more than 1,000,000 people in North Sumatera Province of Indonesia. They are coffee growers (160,000 households = 800,000 persons; coffee collectors and traders,  coffee roasters, coffee workers at coffee industries and coffee exporters, and cafe shops, etc.  NSCF makes efforts to maintain coffee production as well as  to increase economic value of coffee in short years to come. NSCF participates in developing of coffee agriculture by implementing good agricultural practice, competitive, ecofarming, integrated farming system and sustainable. The activities can be in form of research, sem…

Dana Abadi Beasiswa. Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Tersedia Dana Abadi Beasiswa.  Kata kunci : Kualitas, Keberlanjutan, Berkat.
Scholarship Endowment Fund is available. Keywords : Quality, Sustainability, Blessing (QSB).

Untuk mewujudkan visi niversitas HKBP Nommensen (UHN) Medan menjadi salah satu universitas terkemuka dunia melalui misi ‘Nommensen Goes International”, kami telah berketetapan hati untuk menghimpun dua jenis dana abadi. Dana Abadi ini akan selalu didepositokan di Bank. Bunga deposito dikelola dengan cara berikut. Sebanyak 50% dari bunganya digunakan untuk beasiswa. Sebanyak 20% dari bunga ditambah dengan dana pokok akan tetap didepositokan sehingga Dana Abadi ini akan terus menerus bertambah banyak. Sebanyak 25% dari bunga dikembangkan melalui investasi saham dan kegiatan bisnis lainnya yang hasilnya kemudian dimasukkan ke rekening Dana Abadi untuk didepositokan. Sebayak 5% dari bunga digunakan untuk biaya operasional. Pertama, Dana Abadi Beasiswa Mahasiswa (DABM) UHN dengan maksud supaya tersedia dana beasiswa secara te…