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Indonesia as A Huge Market for Coffee

Indonesia as A Huge Market for Coffee 
(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia klik Indonesia Sebagai Pasar Raksasa Bagi Kopi)

Citizen of Indonesia consumed coffee in amount of 0.86 kg/capita/year in year 2011 (Ditjenbun 2012) which increased from 0.5 kg/capita/year in year 2009 (ICO 2009).  However, this comsumption is still low in compare to Finn’s consumption (12 kg/capita/year), Brasil (5.8 kg/capita/year), US (4.2 kg/capita/year) and Ethiopian (1.3 kg/capita/year) (Table 1).  This indicates that Indonesia having around 250 million citizens is a huge market for coffee, comparable also to China as giant promising coffee market.  As one of the five biggest coffee producers, Indonesia has to consider the balance of  internal needs and export by coffee exporters to European and other 58 mporter countries amids the better regulation of export coffee system where it's not necessary to prohibit export.  
As we can experience there is a true signal that internal needs of coffee increases sharply i..e number younger drinker of coffee increases as well as number of contemporer and sturt-up cafes increases significantly and number of expensive cafes such as Sturbucks and J.Co climbs up significantly recently.

Indonesia imported very small amount of coffee since Indonesian coffee taste is very unique and tasty and fragrant including Luwak Coffee and Peberry Luwak Coffee.   That's why in order to ensure coffee export to the USA, the USAID AMARTA program had been implemented succesfully in Indonesia and would be continued as dicussed in coffee stakeholders' meeting

Coffee regards, C sign.
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Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau

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