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Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster
(Dalam Bahasa Indonesia  Penyangrai Kopi)
A roaster must have knowledge and experience in roasting method.  Coffee Roasting Method is very important for determining taste and fragrance of coffee.  Using the right method in roasting bean by expert roaster  will produce highest quality of roasted bean or ground coffee indicated by tasty and fragrant coffee.  Coffee Roasting Method is comprising bean providing and roasting process. 

Bean provided must be :
1.  Bean that passed Cupping Test.
2.  Bean having low water content.
3.  Pure bean of coffee which are not mixed with other non-coffee materials.
4.  Healthy bean which are free of additive chemicals.
5.  Uniform bean in size and weight.
6.  Perfect bean which are faultless.

Roasting process comprises length and temperature of roasting.   In principe, roast the bean with right length and temperature.   Too long roasting time and low temperature will produce bland taste.  Too short time and high temperature will produce unevently inner and outer site of roasted bean.

Time length and temperature must be arranged in connection to roasting level (such as for Espresso) and taste for specific coffee origin we want to create.  Once roasting level achieved, removed the bean from chamber and let the hot bean cool on porous container.

Roaster machine can be electric or LPG roaster. 
Gene Cafe Roaster, Grinder Latina N600, Hand Grinder, and Coffee Moisture Mac Pro at my Cupping Laboratory.


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Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau